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M&E Journal: Win the Battle Against Content Piracy: It’s In Your Control

Piracy has been around as long as media and entertainment has existed. As these industries evolve and content becomes more valuable, the stakes only increase. As technology becomes... More

M&E Journal: Thriving in the Future of Work

By Jade McQueen, Senior Managing Director, M&E, Box - The entertainment industry is no stranger to disruption, and change is a constant part of the landscape. In the past... More

ZOO Digital Passes 350M Subtitles for the Entertainment Industry (ZOO Digital Blog)

ZOO Digital has produced over 350 million subtitle files for the entertainment industry, hitting the latest milestone as interest in cloud-powered localization continues to spike. ... More

What the $2T Coronavirus Relief Bill Means for the Entertainment Industry (Deadline)

The text of the massive, $2 trillion coronavirus relief package reached early on Wednesday on Capitol Hill has yet to be released, but it is expected that it will address a major c... More

M&E Journal: Your Customer Journey Starts With Digital Transformation

By Jade McQueen, Senior Managing Director, M&E, Box - The entertainment industry saw a massive consolidation last year with some of the biggest players joining forces and reshap... More

HITS Spring: Empathetic Technologies Present Major Opportunities for Entertainment Industry

Empathetic technologies can help us connect with each other and ourselves in the most human ways, and they present significant opportunities to the entertainment industry and conte... More

The Entertainment Industry’s New Building Block(chain) (Thrive)

Blockchain can change the way contracts are executed, security gets enforced, money changes hands and new value chains spring up. Blockchain can bring interesting opportunities to ... More

M&E Journal: The Future is Now: Asset ID and Tracking with New SMPTE Standards

By Harold Geller, Executive Director, Ad-ID - In a world where content is king, tracking is critical. But the standards by which we identify leading advertising content have lan... More

M&E Journal: Is AI-Driven Metadata the Best Kept Secret in Hollywood?

By Ian Cameron, VP of Digital Media, and Daniel Mayer, CMO and SVP for Products, Expert System Enterprise - In 2016, the seven biggest film studios were hit by an estimated 15 p... More

Microsoft’s Wahl: Video AI Isn’t ‘Pie in the Sky’

Martin Wahl, principal program manager of cloud, AI and cognitive services for Microsoft, shared some daunting figures July 24 during a presentation at the Smart Content Summit Eas... More

M&E Journal: The Pattern to Unlock Smart Content

By Matt Turner, CTO, Media and Manufacturing, MarkLogic - Everyone in the M&E content ecosystem knows the Holy Grail of content value generation is in serving the right content... More

Why the Entertainment Industry Needs Blockchain (Inside Counsel)

These days, the technology industry and the entertainment community tend to intersect often. Lately, there has been a type of technology that could benefit the entertainment indust... More