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M&E Journal: How Next-Gen Workstations are Expanding the Entertainment Supply Chain

By Ian Main, Technical Marketing Principal, Teradici - The new business models creeping into Hollywood’s entertainment stronghold, such as streaming services that have started... More

M&E Journal: Under the Hood of the Trusted Partner Network

Ben Stanbury, Chief Technology Officer, Trusted Partner Network (TPN) - For the past four years, software designers have been working together with security specialists to crea... More

Microgen Platform Enables Monetization of Digital Entertainment

By Larry Jaffee With the recorded music industry’s recent focus on developing subscription and “freemium” services, it would appear that new MESA member Microgen plc is in t... More

At ESCA Europe: Studios Draw Digital Supply Chain Lessons from Physical Business

As major film studios venture further into digital distribution, they are bringing with them best practices from the packaged media business. Yet those best practices continue to e... More

Senior Entertainment Execs to Keynote ESCA and Content Protection Summit Europe

Senior executives from the likes of Electronic Arts, LoveFilm, Sony Pictures, and Warner Home Video are scheduled to provide updates and insights about the delivery and protection ... More

Sony DADC Establishing New Distribution Center in London Area

Sony DADC is resuming retail fulfillment operations for the UK’s largest independent music distributor, following the destruction of millions of CDs and vinyl LPs in an Aug. 8 fi... More

Independent Labels Appeal to UK Consumers in Aftermath of Sony DADC Warehouse Fire

Pick, Pack and Ship Services Could Resume ‘In the Course of Next Week,’ Says Music Distributor The Association of Independent Music (AIM), a UK trade group, is spearheading ef... More

Fire Reportedly Destroys Sony DADC’s London-Area Warehouse

A third night of rioting in greater London has threatened havoc on the UK’s entertainment supply chain, with a fire at Sony DADC’s Enfield distribution center reportedly destro... More

Standardization Figures Prominently at ESCA EDGE Conference

By Mel Lambert The thorny subject of standardization for both digital file formats and companion metadata figured prominently during several sessions at the seventh-annual ESCA ED... More

At ESCA EDGE: Entertainment Supply Chain Execs Discuss Challenges To Developing Digital Markets

By Mel Lambert Executives speaking at an opening panel session of today's ESCA EDGE conference concurred that fragmentation — of everything from retailer practices to consumer ... More

North Highland: Entertainment Supply Chain Gets Hip To Social Media, Web 2.0

The phrase “social media” immediately conjures up images of teens chatting incessantly over Facebook or Twitter. But the technology behind social networks is now being employed... More

Microsoft’s Owen Roberts On Syncing Software And Hardware Supply Chains

The synchronization of videogame hardware and software supply chains has become a unique operational challenge, considering the high costs and long lead times of game development, ... More