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Los Angeles Feature Shoot Days Decline, But Overall Filming Hits Record (THR)

Filming for TV shows continued to rise in the first quarter of 2022, while feature film production kept on a steady downward trajectory.... More

Los Angeles Filming Rebounds to Pre-Pandemic Levels (THR)

A new report, which spans the second quarter of 2021, finds local production increased to a degree not seen since late 2019.... More

Blackstone to Create U.K. Film Production Studio for Streaming (Bloomberg)

Blackstone and Hudson Pacific will spend more than 700 million pounds ($974m) to build a film studio north of London, taking advantage of a shortage in production capacity after st... More

Film, TV Productions Reemerge in Unknown Territory

OK, we’ve had it! We’ve watched all the “new” movies (those we thought worthwhile), we’ve scanned “the trades” and discovered there is nothing coming out of the pi... More

Croogloo: Connecting Film, TV Production Operations

Combining the best practices of supply chain science, tech, and production operations, Montreal-based Croogloo has a bold goal: help Studios and Crew cut production days, using dat... More

Four Reasons Why Studios are Moving to the Cloud

By Ziad Lammam, VP Product Management and Marketing, Teradici - As consumers become more accustomed to the instantaneous delivery of content, the cloud will evolve into a missi... More

Could Artificial Intelligence Predict the Next ‘Avengers: Infinity War’? (Wired)

Some movies are obvious hits. Like, for example, Avengers: Infinity War, which made a record-breaking $258 million at the domestic box office last weekend, filling seats and the po... More