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Artificial Intelligence In FinTech: How AI, Machine Learning Can Solve Key Challenges (Presidio Blog)

FinTech is broken — and it has been for a while. While many FinTech companies tout next-level security, the reality is very different. For instance, in the U.S. — one of the bi... More

IBM Security Leader Talks Political Impact on Fintech (FM)

Corey Hamilton, Partner Director, IBM Security Services, discusses how political instability is de-stabilising fintech and the sectors most at risk.... More

M&E Journal: Skating to Where the Puck is Going to be

2020 was one of those rare times in history that seemed to divide our experience into “life before” and “life after.” The pandemic has not only altered the way we interact,... More

How London Became a Global Centre for FinTech (Time)

The UK capital has for centuries been a centre of global finance, with long-established trading exchanges and trusted banking and insurance institutions. In the digital era, it has... More

6 FinTech Cybersecurity Trends for 2022 (archTIS Blog)

Several C-suite FinTech leaders that were recently polled, believe that with increasing competition we will likely see a spike in mergers and acquisitions over the next 12 months. ... More

Five Ways ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Will Change in 2022 (Protocol)

Installment plans, reinvented for e-Commerce, are transforming from a sales-boosting convenience to a core part of the payments system.... More

Why is Localization Important for Fintech Companies? (A TransPerfect World)

While the pandemic has had disastrous consequences on many industries, it’s also had the opposite effect on others, accelerating businesses in the digital space. In addition to a... More

GeoComply Consolidates its iGaming, Streaming Media, Fintech Businesses Under the GeoComply Brand

Prior to consolidation, its media and fintech businesses were managed under the GeoGuard brand. GeoGuard will continue as a product name for GeoComply’s award-winning VPN and pro... More

Alibaba Cloud: The Cloud is the Future for Retail, Fintech (ITP)

Phillip Liu, General Manager of Middle East and Africa, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, takes a look at the emerging trends for the cloud computing sector, as we move into 2021.... More

UK Top Destination in Europe for Fintech Investment (Verdict)

A report revealed that $4.1bn venture capital and growth private equity was invested across 408 deals in the UK in 2020. The UK had more fintech deals and capital invested than Ger... More

How Digital Currency is Transforming Payments (Entrepreneur)

We are officially in the fintech age. The shift to digital payments has only accelerated amid the pandemic, and if you've been following recent trends, then you know the rise of Bi... More

Report: Fintech Usage Increased by 50% During Lockdown (UKTN)

A new survey of more than 2,000 UK adults has uncovered how integral technology has been for people managing their finances during the lockdown.... More

Fintech Dominates London Tech Fundraising Scene (Finextra)

Fintech continues to dominate the London tech fundraising scene, accounting for 39% of VC investment in the UK capital's technology companies so far this year, according to a repor... More

London Now Global Fintech Hub as UK Investment Soars (IA)

Fintech investment deals in the UK have outpaced those in the US and Europe, according to new research. Nine deals worth over $1 million were made in the UK in Q1 2020 alone, compa... More

Why We Need to Support Female FinTech Leaders During COVID-19 (Business Cloud)

Dr. Ruth Wandhöfer, Partner at Gauss Ventures says the disruptive and prospering nature of FinTech demands more women in leading roles.... More

AI in Finance: The Road to Disruption (Oxagile Blog)

Artificial intelligence technology is gaining momentum in the financial sector, both among startups and established brick-and-mortar businesses. Deployments of AI in finance succes... More

Biggest New CFO Priority? User Experience (CFO Dive)

As AI migrates closer to the mainstream, finance may be tasked with ensuring a positive user experience. But where does that leave the traditional CFO?... More

Finance is Headed for AI Mass Adoption – and Soon (TechHQ)

Despite the hype, many organizations are facing an AI “reality check” this year. Everyone is buying into the technology’s promise, but difficulties in implementation are lead... More

Every Company Will Be a Fintech Company (a16z)

In the not-too-distant future, I believe nearly every company will derive a significant portion of its revenue from financial services. Every company, even those that have nothing ... More

Fintech’s Next Decade Will Look Radically Different (TechCrunch)

The birth and growth of financial technology developed mostly over the last ten years. So as we look ahead, what does the next decade have in store? I believe we’re starting to s... More