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Firewall Services and More: What’s Next for IT? (Security Intelligence)

Firewall services, cloud network protection tools and other IT defense staples are seeing a lot of changes in 2021. IT landscapes are growing more complex, as are the defense syste... More

Stateful Firewalls Holding Their Own After More Than Two Decades (NSS Labs Blog)

First patented in 1994 by Check Point Software, stateful firewalls are an evolution of the packet filtering firewall. Stateful firewalls were a game changer because they introduced... More

Okta, Preempt Integrations Help Enterprises Simplify ID Verification to Tackle Threats in Real-Time (CDSA)

Behavioral firewall company Preempt has announced technology integrations with Okta, the independent provider of identity for the enterprise. These integrations allow custom... More

Dell EMC, SonicWall Announce OEM Launch of Next-Gen Cybersecurity Firewall Solutions (CDSA)

SonicWall announced that Dell EMC will OEM and resell its next-generation cyber security firewall solutions in the United States and Canada. Building on a long-time partnership and... More

NSS Labs: Choose Wisely with Next-Gen Firewalls

To help stop emerging cybersecurity threats at the perimeter, enterprises are looking at a bevy of next-generation firewall (NGFW) options today, controls that feature all sorts of... More

NSS Labs Shares 2017 Next Generation Firewall Group Test Results

NSS Labs has announced the results of its Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Group Test, testing 11 products from 10 market-leading vendors, in the key areas of security effectivenes... More

NSS Labs Announces Data Center Firewall Group Test Results (CDSA)

NSS Labs has announced the results of its Data Center Firewall (DCFW) Group Test, with seven products from five vendors tested. All seven products scored 100% in firewall policy en... More

NSS Labs Expands Research Offerings with New Virtual Firewall Test (HITS)

NSS Labs released a new test methodology for virtual firewalls. Firewalls have undergone several stages of development, from early packet filtering and circuit relay firewalls to a... More

Cybersecurity Hampered by Over-Stretched IT, Survey Says

By Chris Tribbey IT security professionals often spend too much time trying to adhere to outside regulations, instead of working on protecting their companies against cyber thre... More