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Pandora Teaming with Foursquare to Show its Advertisers Whether Their Campaigns Drive Offline Sales (Adweek)

Thanks to a partnership being announced with Foursquare, Pandora advertisers can now get data about whether their campaigns drive foot traffic. Sandwich chain Subway and Connecticu... More

Foursquare Unleashes Location Data Dashboard for Retailers and Brands (Adweek)

For the past six months or so, Foursquare has quietly been working with brands including Taco Bell, TGI Fridays, H&M and Equinox to test a tool dubbed Foursquare Analytics that pac... More

Foursquare Wants to Supercharge Your Favorite Apps with Contextual Location Smarts (Fast Company)

For such a well-informed companion, your smartphone is remarkably good at playing dumb. Sure, it can quickly clue you in on world events with anxiety-inducing headlines and notify ... More

Nielsen, Foursquare Partner to Tie Digital Ads to In-Store Visits (WSJ)

Measurement firm Nielsen and location data company Foursquare are teaming up to help marketers better understand when online advertising drives people into physical stores. Nielsen... More

Foursquare Tries Reinvention as a Data Business (Digiday)

While written off by many as a fad of a bygone era, Foursquare has been quietly building an enterprise business out of its consumer data collected from users. Its trove of data hol... More

Foursquare Is Debuting a Dashboard for Its Intriguing Foot Traffic Measurement System (Adweek)

Five months after Foursquare debuted Attribution Powered by Foursquare, the company is adding a dashboard to the system to give brands real-time insights to campaigns. The social/l... More