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Gen Z Demands Brands Deliver More Interactive Live Video Experiences (Rapid TV News)

More than half of a survey of Generation Z video users agreed they would be more likely to engage with a company or brand that uses interactive live content and experiences to conn... More

Gen Z Wants Jobs in Tech, but Retention Questions Linger (CIO Dive)

A generation waiting in the wings. A corporate world eager to fill tech talent vacancies. Culture and compensation can make or break the deal for the rising IT talent class.... More

For Gen Z, Low-Coding is About Tooling, Workplace Culture (ZDNet)

Low-code and no-code tools are already popular in a range of industries. By the end of this year, Forrester Research predicts, 75% of development shops will use low-code platforms.... More

Gen Z Consumers Prioritize Original Content in Buying Decisions (Billboard)

In a new study, 75 percent of respondents said original content was important to them. The study also reveals that the use of advertising isn’t necessarily a non-starter for Gen ... More

CIOs Can Meet Gen Z’s Demand for Digital Speed (ReadWrite)

The cohort of Americans born between 1996 and 2010, often called Generation Z or Gen Zers is the first generation to have grown up in a truly digital world. They don’t know a lif... More

How to Recruit Gen Z by Following Salesforce’s Approach (TechRepublic)

Salesforce's head of recruiting discusses the benefits of hiring Gen Z workers and how companies can attract more talent from this particular generation.... More

Facebook Sees Its Gen Z Audience Slipping Away to Snapchat (AdAge)

Facebook is not just losing its audience, it's losing its youth. The social network is expected to shed 18-to-24-year-old users this year for the first time, according to a new ... More

Gen Z Increasingly Turning Away from Text-Based Online Content, Traditional TV (The Drum)

Younger Internet users (ages 13 to 17) are showing a more significant shift away from text-based online content and slightly more from TV with much of Gen Z time spend on video and... More

Study: Teens, College Students Favor Snapchat While Gen Z Spends Up to 11 Hours Per Day on Social (The Drum)

It may come as no surprise that Snapchat and Instagram have a solid lead over Facebook when it comes to the frequency that high school and college students use the social media cha... More

Digital-Savvy Gen Z Consumers Cling to Physical Stores, Brand Experiences (Mediapost)

The global study from IBM released Thursday found 67% of Generation Z shop in bricks-and-mortar stores most of the time, with another 31% shopping in-store sometimes, indicating 98... More