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CES 2018: High-Res Audio Grows as Industry Pivots to Streaming (Twice)

The music industry is shifting to a streaming model from a download model, spurring new high-res streaming services to prepare for launch and more audio hardware companies here at ... More

Can Hi-Res Music Hit the Right Note? (BBC)

Ever since the first CD was produced - 35 years ago this month - the music industry has been trying to sell fans new formats on the basis of better sound quality. The shiny silver ... More

Sony, Best Buy Adding Hi-Res Music Stations To 250 More Stores (Twice)

Eight months after placing high-res music kiosks in 82 stores, Sony Electronics and Best Buy are rolling out a second wave of the live displays to an additional 250 locations. Unli... More

Listeners Know When Music Is Hi-Res, Study Finds (Billboard)

Can listeners really hear the differences between standard and high resolution audio formats? A new study arriving soon from Queen Mary University of London thinks so, though the r... More

Digital Audio Progress Highlights Tech’s More Human Future (Recode)

What happens when a technology gets as good as it can? It’s an interesting question, and not necessarily as far-fetched or ill-timed as you may imagine. Consider the world of dig... More

Not Too Much: Sony Magic Bus Tour Promotes High-Res Audio (TWICE)

Sony will bring high-resolution audio to trade shows and consumer events in a partnership with home and car audio installation company Whitledge Designs, which has added Sony’s i... More

Music Industry Extends High-Res Logo To Streaming Services (Twice)

The music industry is extending its Hi-Res Music logo from downloaded songs to streamed songs to help consumers identify high-resolution recordings that meet the high-res music def... More

Warner Music Plans High-Res MQA Music Downloads (Twice)

Warner Music Group became the first major music label to announce plans to support the release of downloadable songs in the high-resolution MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) forma... More