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Premiere Digital’s Michele Edelman Discusses the Company and Her Two Decades in Home Entertainment (MP)

Michele Edelman is head of growth at Premiere Digital, a media services and software solutions company. With more than 20 years of executive experience and extensive knowledge of h... More

Home Entertainment Viewing Keeps Growing

Back in 1991, Geoffrey Moore in his book “Crossing the Chasm,” coalesced the idea that it’s a long way between developing/introducing a product/service and getting to the poi... More

Hollywood Home Entertainment Boom Doesn’t Even Include Possible $1B From Premium VOD (Forbes)

It’s a boom time for the home entertainment divisions of Hollywood studios, with revenues up nearly a third over two years ago, and even declining sectors enjoying revived consum... More

Lionsgate Teams With Sony in New Home Entertainment Pact (Deadline)

Lionsgate will continue to maintain its own independent sales and marketing teams while leveraging Sony’s supply chain and distribution services.... More

Survey: Viewers Turning to Nostalgic TV for Comfort (AT)

Over 6,600 TV fans from across the UK took part in a survey, sharing some of their memorable moments from iconic series such as Lost, Family Guy and Desperate Housewives which will... More

NPD: Installed TV Base Getting Bigger, Newer (Twice)

Report shows TV sales up 19% in 2020, compared to same period in 2019.... More

Americans Spent More Than $7B on Home Entertainment in Q3 (DTE)

The report attributes a significant amount of this growth to the closure of cinemas with consumers “seamlessly” shifting their viewing “to a broad variety of content includin... More

Consumer Home Entertainment Spend Up 26% in 1H, SVOD Up 37% (MediaPost)

In another perspective on the streaming video lift driven by the pandemic’s stay-at-home mode, preliminary sales data from the Digital Entertainment Group show total consumer hom... More

M&E Industry is Being Nudged into a Remake

We were Zooming with an industry friend in Croatia recently and he made the passing observation that it was so good that the industry was finally getting back to normal. Well y... More

Study Shows 70% of Consumers Would Rather Watch New Movies at Home (Variety)

Anxiety over health and safety in public spaces still greatly outweighs the desire to leave home, and that disparity has only gotten larger as the pandemic has unfolded. The result... More

Thanks to ‘Trolls,’ You’ll See More New Movies Open in the Living Room (USA Today)

Home is now firmly where our entertainment hearts are, and certain trends – like never leaving our living rooms to watch our favorite films – have accelerated as a result of th... More

Pandemic Breaths New Life Into Old Entertainment

By Andy Marken, President, Marken Communications - Staying at home, working from home was fun … until it’s wasn’t. Face it, you acted/looked like a hibernating bear. Bu... More

Why Music Videos are Making a Comeback in the Age of Coronavirus (Muse)

Today, we know MTV and VH1 more for reality shows like Teen Mom and Love & Hip Hop than for the iconic videos they launched. But here's the funny thing: Music videos haven't lost t... More

New Data Shows How Entertainment Consumption is Changing (Billboard)

We know our online activities are evolving. People are spending 60% more time with music and other forms of remotely accessed entertainment. The barriers between home life and work... More

As Pandemic Strikes, Pop Culture Migrates to Streaming Sites (Wired)

As Covid-19 shuts down the cultural events that unite fans, audiences are resorting to their own screens. Welcome to a new age of being alone together.... More

M&E Journal: How to Solve Subscription Frustration (And Save Movie Night, Too)

By Raman Abrol, General Manager, Amdocs Media - Does this sound familiar? It’s 6:30 p.m. on a Friday, movie night with the family. You agree on where to order food, wait fo... More

Showtime, HBO Broaden Scope as Parent Companies Aim to Grow Their Audiences (Variety)

For years, the halo around premium cablers such as HBO and Showtime has been integral to their branding. Their parent companies in a past life — Time Warner and CBS, respectively... More

‘Friends’ DVD, Digital Sales Soar as it Takes a Break From Streaming (Variety)

They’re on a streaming break — but “Friends” will still be there for you. WarnerMedia’s home entertainment division is aiming to capitalize on the brief disappearance of ... More

MESA’s OTT Academy Hits L.A. March 3

The afternoon of Tuesday, March 3 sees the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) return to its supply chain roots, hosting the OTT Supply Chain Academy at the Luxe Sunset ... More

M&E Journal: What Will 2020 Bring to Media and Entertainment?

By Mary Yurkovic, Director, Smart Content Council, MESA - Now that 2020 has arrived, it’s time to reflect: Has your organization met its expectations for the last decade? Was ... More