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Dolby Atmos is Bringing the Sound of the Cinema to Your Car (Tech Radar)

Dolby claims that by working with Cinemo, car makers will be able to seamlessly integrate Dolby Atmos immersive audio into their future vehicles, which presumably could act as a se... More

Dolby Atmos: How the Immersive Sound Technology is Revolutionising Music for Artists, Fans (MW)

Dolby Atmos is taking audio streaming to the next level. The immersive audio format from Dolby Laboratories is becoming more widely adopted across the industry, including smart spe... More

NBC Sports Adds Dolby Atmos Sound to U.S. Open Feature-Hole Coverage (SVG)

Immersive audio opens up golf’s aural treasure.... More

EMPIRE to Deliver Immersive Audio Experience Through Dolby Atmos Music to Fans, Artists (MESA)

EMPIRE announced that it will deliver a selection of its catalog in Dolby Atmos Music. EMPIRE will deliver music in Dolby Atmos leveraging an end-to-end content ecosystem spanning ... More

Dolby Atmos Music Comes to Jay-Z’s Tidal Service (CNET)

Sony's 360 Reality Audio isn't the only surround-sound music game in town: Dolby Atmos Music takes the company's established movie format and applies it to music streaming. And Jay... More