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IRIS.TV’s Richie Hyden: Integration With Amazon’s Ad Marketplace Supports CTV Growth (Beet.TV)

As marketers shift their ad spending to streaming platforms, they’re also looking for reassurances that their commercials appear within brand-safe shows. Connected TV publishers ... More

IRIS.TV Joins Amazon Publisher Services Marketplace (MTS)

As viewers continue to shift to CTV, marketers are demanding the level of content transparency they have come to expect when buying linear TV.... More

Silverpush Partners With IRIS.TV

Marketers will now be able to use Mirrors by Silverpush solutions to target relevant, brand-safe video inventory across thousands of IRIS-enabled premium publishers and billions of... More

SpringServe Using Iris.TV Data to Forecast CTV Ad Audiences (B&C)

Ad serving platform SpringServe said it has expanded its relationship with video data platform Iris.TV, enabling publishers to use Iris.TV enabled segments for forecasting and reac... More

Pixability Working With Iris.TV To Extend Brand Suitability Across Connected TV

Pixability said it made a deal enabling it to use data from Iris.TV on its platform to provide advertisers with video-liven insights about targeting and brand suitability across le... More

New Viant and IRIS.TV Partnership Brings Exclusive TV Segments to Marketers

This new partnership brings a first-of-its-kind solution integrating IRIS-enabled insights into the Viant® Household ID, empowering marketers to leverage deep, contextual, cookiel... More

IRIS.TV Announces Partnership With Publica to Integrate Video-Level Contextual Data in Leading CTV Ad Server

IRIS.TV, the leading video data platform, has announced a new partnership with Publica, the connected TV (CTV) advertising platform owned by Integral Ad Science, to integrate video... More

Why Video-Level Data is an Immediate Panacea for Privacy, Brand Safety Concerns (AW)

The advertising industry has reached a key turning point. As a result of new regulations, shifts in public opinion, and changes in posture from leading tech providers, buyers and s... More

To Elevate CTV’s Value, 2022 Upfront Media Buyers Need Video-Level Data (IRIS.TV Blog)

The 2022 Upfronts are fast approaching, but this year they’re coming in the midst of an accelerated shift of eyeballs and budgets from linear to CTV. Pandemic-driven changes in a... More

What is Video-Level Data and How Does it Help Marketers? (IRIS.TV Blog)

As marketers, advertisers, and publishers all increase their focus on video content, video-level data will take center stage in helping all parties to better understand content, va... More

Use Video-Level Data to Find These 5 Niche Audiences This Spring (IRIS.TV Blog)

Spring is prime time for a wide array of marketers, who often target their advertising broadly on platforms with a wide reach. But advertisers who want to reduce waste can use norm... More

IRIS.TV Debuts New Brand Identity

The new brand identity represents the multiple dimensions that exist within video - the unseen insight that when unlocked, offers limitless opportunities for reach, relevance, and ... More

LiveRamp, Iris.TV, SpringServe Team Up on Cross-Screen Delivery (Next TV)

LiveRamp said that going into the upfront, buyers and seller will be looking for ways to deliver audiences across screens, and that it’s collaboration with Iris.TV and SpringServ... More

Primis, IRIS.TV Partner to Bring Elevated Contextual Targeting to Video Discovery

The partnership expands video contextual targeting capabilities in OLV for better transparency and reach. (more…)... More

IRIS.TV Partners With EIDR to Unify Data for Simplified Sell-Side Workflows

The agreement will bring together video-level data from IRIS.TV and essential metadata from EIDR to deliver a comprehensive data solution across distribution channels for content o... More

Precise TV Partners With IRIS.TV to Bring Contextual Targeting to the Big Screen (AdExchanger)

Precise TV, a kid-safe contextual advertising platform for YouTube, announced a partnership with video data provider IRIS.TV to bring its contextual targeting capabilities to telev... More