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The FCC Has Reversed a 2015 Rule that Could Change How You Access, Pay for Internet Service (CNBC)

The FCC voted on Thursday to eliminate the Open Internet Order, better known as "net neutrality" regulations. The decision will give more power to internet service providers (ISPs)... More

Top European Court Rules ISPs Should Block Pirate Bay (Billboard)

The European Court of Justice has rendered a landmark decision that could make it much easier for copyright holders to obtain injunctions that force internet service providers to b... More

Search Engines, Copyright Holders Ready Voluntary Anti-Piracy Code (TorrentFreak)

For several years the entertainment industries have blamed companies like Google for not doing enough to prevent instances of Internet piracy. At times, Google has even been accuse... More

Internet Service Providers, Studios and Record Labels Call It Quits on Copyright Alert System (Variety)

Major internet providers are ending a four-year-old system in which consumers received “copyright alerts” when they viewed peer-to-peer pirated content. The ISPs, studios, a... More

FCC Vote Means Internet Providers Need Permission To Share Your Data (NPR)

"It's the consumers' information. How it is used should be the consumers' choice." So said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler as the commission adopted rules requiring Internet service provi... More

Amazon Exploring Future as an ISP – Report (Light Reading)

Stop the presses. A news report out of The Information suggests that Amazon is considering the possibility of becoming an Internet service provider in Europe. In theory, the move w... More