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Livestreaming Popularity to Grow in 2021 (Marketing Dive)

As the pandemic continues to keep some shoppers away from physical stores, new research projects livestreaming to be a top trend in 2021, with the market expected to reach $6 billi... More

The Rise of Lifestyle Streamers (a16z)

As the shelter-in-place restrictions have tethered many people to their homes, livestreaming—broadcasting user-created video in real time—has skyrocketed. Platforms like Twitch... More

Coronavirus Giving Livestreaming the Chance to Prove Itself (RollingStone)

It’s taken some time — and the unfortunate circumstance of a pandemic — but concert livestreaming could finally be having its moment. Amid major festival cancellations and hu... More

Facebook Putting New Restrictions on Livestreaming (NY Post)

Two weeks after a crazed gunman broadcast himself slaughtering 50 people in New Zealand on Facebook, the social network giant says it’s putting in new restrictions on livestreami... More

Fox Sports Details 5G Livestreaming Trial with AT&T, Ericsson at U.S. Open (FierceVideo)

Fox Sports and Fox Innovation Lab, alongside AT&T, Ericsson and Intel, are offering up some details on their 5G livestreaming trial from the U.S. Open in June. The companies said 5... More

Livestreaming Your Broke Self for Rent Money (NY Times)

Jovan Hill now makes upward of $4,000 a month, he said, through a mix of social media platforms. In addition to his call-outs on Periscope, he entices followers to pay $1 a month t... More

Vimeo Launches Tools for Simultaneous Uploading or Livestreaming to Facebook, YouTube, Others (TechCrunch)

Video platform Vimeo is today rolling out new features designed to simplify video distribution across social networks, including one tool that allows live video to be streamed to F... More

Irdeto Incorporates AI Into Anti-Piracy Software To Combat Illegal Streaming (SportsTechie)

Dutch cybersecurity company Irdeto has released an updated version of its Piracy Control software solution that could help digital steaming companies protect their product. Online... More

Livestreaming Catches on Much Faster in China Than U.S. (Forbes)

In one more example of China setting tech innovation trends, the live streaming market didn't really take off in the U.S., but the Chinese mobile livestreaming market is already hu... More

Twitter is Launching a Live Video API (TechCrunch)

Twitter is about to make it much easier for media publishers to post live video broadcasts with the launch of a live video API tomorrow morning. The API will let companies hook up ... More

Twitter to Open Up Livestreaming API so Companies can Bypass Periscope (Ars Technica)

Twitter wants to make it as easy as possible for companies to livestream video on its platform. According to a report from The Information, the company is set to announce next week... More

Facebook’s Livestreaming Strategy Looks a lot Like Twitter’s Livestreaming Strategy (Recode)

Facebook wants to be a destination for live video content — especially live sports. But the content it’s getting is reminiscent of the content Twitter started streaming last ye... More

Twitter Looks to Partner with the NFL ‘in a Bigger Way’ as It Ups Its Live Sports Focus (The Drum)

Twitter is looking to build on the success of its NFL live streaming deal after revealing that it will look to partner with the league in a “bigger way” going forward. The comm... More

How Livestreaming Video Threatens the Enterprise (CIO)

When Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown broadcast his coach’s postgame locker room speech on Facebook Live last month it created a distraction and senseless contr... More

After a Most Lively Year, Where Does Live Video Go in 2017? (Marketing Land)

If 2016 was the Year of Live’s Launch, 2017 will be the Year of Live’s Mainstreaming. Millions of people are learning to create live video, and more importantly, watching the l... More

Twitch Adding Native Mobile Livestreaming in Hopes Gamers Will Broadcast more than Gameplay (FierceCable)

Video game streaming platform Twitch today announced the upcoming addition of native mobile livestreaming within its app. The announcement comes concurrent with the platform’s ad... More

The Problem with Digital Streaming Live Mega Sporting Events (Forbes)

This move to streamed live content is seeing its biggest effect with sports, where fan bases don’t customarily DVR the content due to sports’ drama and unpredictability. And wh... More

Can Twitter Finally Make Periscope Soar as the Live-Streaming Space Heats Up? (Adweek)

Just three years ago, Vine appeared to be a central player in the future of "snackable content." Its short-form style of messaging even aired in a Monday Night Football TV spot. Bu... More

YouTube Can Still Win the Livestreaming War (TechCrunch)

YouTube, sounding a little miffed that House representatives were livestreaming their sit-in using Periscope and Facebook Live, reminded its community that it has been offering liv... More