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Cloud: The Backbone of Logistics (TCS Blog)

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The Way Online Shopping Disrupted Retail, Blockchain is About to Do to Freight, Logistics (HuffPost)

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Here’s Why Amazon Might Be Focusing on a Logistics Business (Forbes)

Reports suggest that Amazon is building an app that matches truck drivers with shippers, which is scheduled to be launched in the summer of 2017. This app is designed to make it ea... More

Capgemini Part of Study that Looks at Evolving Role of Shippers, Logistics Providers (MESA)

Capgemini Consulting, Penn State University, and Penske Logistics today announced findings from the 2017 21st Annual Third-Party Logistics Study, which examines the global outsourc... More

Amazon and Alibaba Bet The Future On Supply Chain Management: eRetailers Invest Big In Logistics (Forbes)

The world’s largest retailers are planning to not only grow into the world’s biggest logistics companies, but to completely revolutionize the industry. Both Amazon and Alibaba ... More