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Unlocking Insights: 3 Key Learnings for the UK Music Industry (Luminate)

Last week, Luminate’s VP of International, Helena Kosinski, delivered a presentation at The Great Escape festival in the United Kingdom highlighting the U.K. music industry and i... More

Luminate and Hanshin Contents Link Sign New Partnership Agreement

The new agreement provides HCL with an exclusive license to sell and distribute Luminate’s global streaming and engagement data, consumer insights and enhanced metadata solutions... More

Music & Gaming: A Match Made in Streaming (Luminate)

Like music genres, gaming genres are unique and attract a variety of audiences. Luminate Insights consumer research data shows that K-Pop fans, for instance, over-index for Role Pl... More

Luminate Expands How It Counts Indie Retail Sales for Billboard Charts Via New Partnership (Billboard)

The data firm will now collect indie physical music sales data from StreetPulse as Billboard's Tastemakers Albums chart is rebranded Indie Store Album Sales.... More

The Rise of Foreign Music and Film/TV Content in the U.S. (Luminate)

U.S. audiences are engaging with non-English music more than ever before. And it appears this trend is here to stay, as Millennial (57%) and Gen Z listeners (59%) show even greater... More

What’s Driving Streaming and Music Discovery? Luminate’s Trends Report Has the Answers (InsideRadio)

What was No. 56 among the most streamed audio tracks in the US in 2023? If you guessed any song from the past year – make that, past three years – keep going back. It was Fleet... More

Top Entertainment Trends for 2024: What the Data Says (Luminate)

Last week at South By Southwest in Austin, Luminate CEO Rob Jonas delivered a featured presentation detailing the top data trends in both music and Film & TV.... More

Luminate Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024

Luminate, the global entertainment data and insights provider, has been named to Fast Company’s prestigious list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024. This year’s... More

‘Bob Marley: One Love’ Sparks Surge in Music Streams (Luminate)

Bob Marley’s Global On-Demand Audio (ODA) streaming has risen consistently throughout 2024, and during the first full music chart week after the film’s release (the week ending... More

Variety to Start Exclusively Publishing Luminate’s New Streaming Viewership Data as Weekly Charts

Variety and Luminate have teamed on a data venture designed to bring transparency to viewership levels and rankings for original streaming TV shows and movies. The partnership will... More

Luminate: Super Bowl, Super Fans and Super Streams

If we look at NFL fans more broadly, we can gain even more insights into their music and entertainment habits.... More

Luminate Acquires Music Data Firm Quansic (Billboard)

Luminate continues in its mission to unify data with the acquisition of Quansic, a specialist music data company with a focus on artist identification services. The arrangement is ... More

Luminate: Music Goes to the Movies!

Earlier this month Luminate published the 2023 Year End Music Report – an in depth analysis of the most impactful music trends of 2023. One of the trends mentioned in the report ... More

Luminate: Global Streaming Volumes hit 7.1T in 2023 (MusicWeek)

The global total of on-demand song streams (audio and video) was 7.1 trillion (up 33.7% year on year), while global on-demand audio song streams broke the four trillion mark for th... More

Global Music Streams Grew by 33.7% to 7.1T in 2023 (Music Ally)

Yes, that’s 7. 1 trillion music streams last year across the world. The stat comes from research firm Luminate’s 2023 Year-End Music Report. The 7.1tn streams were across audio... More

Luminate to Move Ahead With Plan Changing How Indie Record Store Sales Count on Billboard Charts (Billboard)

The data and analytics company's note to independent retailers cites a "consensus" for changing how it counts sales across the sector.... More

When Does ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ Actually Start? (Luminate)

As temperatures cool and calendar pages turn, many define this period as simply “the most wonderful time of year.” However, is it possible to use music streaming behavior to re... More

Luminate: What are Millennials Looking For This Record Store Day?

With Black Friday this week kicking off the home-stretch of the 2024 gift-buying season, it’s an important time to remember the music Super Fans in your life.... More

Vinyl Sales Up 22% in U.S. in First Half of 2023, Per Luminate Report (Variety)

The vinyl boom is not going bust anytime soon. In the first half of 2023, vinyl LP sales were up 21.7% from the same period the year before, a robust vote of confidence for the for... More

Luminate, Entertainment Data Company That Powers Billboard Charts, Launches New Platform (Variety)

Key highlights of the platform include a new user interface with dashboard sharing ability, global filters, faster processing time and access to more metadata including country of ... More