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Meta Rolls Out More Parental Controls for Instagram and Virtual Reality (NPR)

Meta is rolling out additional parental supervision measures for Instagram and its virtual reality headset, expanding on a suite of tools released in the U.S. in recent months.... More

Meta Plots Entry Into Red Hot NFT Market (City AM)

Meta is reportedly working on plans to let users create and sell non-fungible tokens as the global market for digital collectibles heats up. Facebook and Instagram are developing a... More

How Does Meta Intend to Manage its Multilingual Experience? (Multilingual)

For a product designed to unite the world in work and play, how will Meta handle localization and intercultural interactions? ... More

Meta May Not Be Betta, But It Still Matters to Streaming Video’s Future (Next TV)

The last generation spent their time on mobile devices. The next generation likely will spend far more time in a communal virtual space, entertaining themselves in many ways.... More

Meta Acquired by Software Entrepreneur Rob Delf, Restructures for Growth

Meta Data Software, the leader in management of media and entertainment catalogs and metadata, whose clients include WarnerMedia, HBO, MGM, Epix, and Fox, has announced a majority ... More

Meta CEO: How to ‘Turbocharge’ EIDR Workflows

The Meta Data Systems EIDR matching and registration module is effectively “turbocharging” the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) workflows of some of the world’s largest studi... More

Metadata, Knowledge Graphs in the Spotlight on Latest GrayMeta Podcast

Episode 23 of GrayMeta's 'Metadata Matters' podcast features a chat about metadata, content discovery and knowledge graphs with Florian Bauer, Chief Solutions Officer at Semantic W... More

GrayMeta Talks Metadata and More With Meta CEO

On the latest installment of GrayMeta's 'Metadata Matters' podcast, Rob Tucker, Founder and CEO at Meta, chats about how their film and broadcast content metadata platform is helpi... More

Meta CEO Tackles EIDR Workflows at May 12 HITS Spring

On May 12 at the Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Spring event Robin Tucker, CEO of Meta Data Systems, will share insights into how the Meta EIDR matching and ... More

Meta CEO Touts Localisation Tips

The Meta Localisation Platform can significantly help media and entertainment organisations streamline their supply chains, Rob Tucker, CEO and founder of Meta, said Feb. 25, durin... More

Meta CEO Brings Localisation Tips to 25 Feb. CWMF Event

Rob Tucker, CEO of AI-generated content metadata specialists Meta, will share how to simplify the localisation process in today’s global content environment at the 25 Feb. Conten... More

Meta’s Localisation Platform Wins IABM BaM Award

Meta’s new Localisation Platform was honoured with a Bammy Award by The International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry at the 2020 Broadcast and Media Awa... More

Meta’s Localization Platform Wins IABM BaM Award

Meta’s new Localization Platform was honored with a Bammy Award by The International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry at the 2020 Broadcast and Media Awards. ... More