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Chasing AI Breakthroughs: Q&A with Director of New MIT-IBM Lab (Xconomy)

David Cox ON specific metrics for success with this AI lab: "There are many short-term metrics that one might look at, such as scientific papers published or patents filed, but wha... More

IBM Ponies Up $240 Million for Watson AI Lab at MIT (Fortune)

IBM said on Thursday it will spend $240 million over the next decade to fund a new artificial intelligence research lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The resulti... More

Oracle, MIT Study: Cloud Frees Up Companies to Focus on What’s Important

The cloud is freeing business leaders up to focus on what’s most important in running their companies, Oracle said July 6 while announcing the findings of a new study it conducte... More

MIT Students, Others Teaching IBM Watson About Cybersecurity (Tech Republic)

Mark 2016 as the year that researchers applied artificial intelligence (AI) to the challenges of cybersecurity. If machines can steer our cars and predict our shopping habits, ... More

Fox Innovation Lab Is Sponsoring MIT VR/AR Hackathon (Variety)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is holding a hackathon for virtual and augmented reality in Cambridge, Mass. this week that counts 20th Century Fox’s Innovation Lab amo... More

IBM and MIT Partner Up to Create AI that Understands Sight and Sound the Way We Do (TechCrunch)

When you see or hear something happen, you can instantly describe it: “a girl in a blue shirt caught a ball thrown by a baseball player,” or “a dog runs along the beach.” I... More