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Facebook Messenger Will Suggest Fandango Movie Tickets Based on Chats (Variety)

If you’re talking about going to see a movie with your friends on Facebook Messenger, you may soon see a new option pop up from Fandango — offering info and ticketing right wit... More

Pirates Lose Legal Battle Against Hollywood Studios in U.K. (Variety)

The Motion Picture Assn., the international arm of the MPAA that protects the interests of Hollywood studios abroad, has won a legal bid in the U.K. to block access to 13 websites ... More

When the Netflix Generation Goes to the Movies, They Want Artisanal Cocktails and a Meal (Quartz)

Netflix’s audience of cord-cutters and cord-shavers who can’t be bothered with traditional cable TV are disrupting another classic Hollywood viewing experience: the movie theat... More

Man Who Leaked ‘The Revenant’ Online Fined $1.1m (TorrentFreak)

Following an FBI investigation, former studio worker William Kyle Morarity was discovered as the culprit. Known online by the username “clutchit,” the 31-year-old had uploaded ... More

Legendary is Branching Out with a Subscription App (Digiday)

Legendary Entertainment, the movie studio behind big films like Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy and “Jurassic World,” is getting into the subscription streaming... More