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The Music Ends for MP3 as Its Developer Discontinues the Once Pioneering Sound Format (Fortune)

The age of the MP3 is officially over. The developer of the early digital audio codec announced this week that it has ended its licensing agreement, ceding to more versatile format... More

An Ode to the Digital Download, and its Impending Death (Noisey)

As we come to eulogise the humble MP3, we should never forget what a giant killer it was. It completely did away with old ideas of music production and distribution, turning it int... More

The Year in Audio Nostalgia (Hazlitt)

Developing an intimate relationship with flawed media is something that a generation with access to complete discographies in the palms of their hands might not understand. This lo... More

Walmart To Exit Digital Music Retail

Walmart is planning to shutter its MP3 storefront by the end of August, after more than 7 years of trying to position itself as a contender in the digital music marketplace. Either... More

Sony Mulls Album-Only Release For Jackson’s ‘This Is It’

Contrary to earlier reports of an Amazon exclusive, Sony Music will release Michael Jackson's This Is It on iTunes, according to All Things Digital. But whether the label will allo... More