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The Battleground of Net Neutrality in 2019 (Tech HQ)

As the issue becomes political, where might your business stand?... More

Supreme Court Rejects Net Neutrality Case (Variety)

The Supreme Court declined to take up a challenge to a set of robust net neutrality rules put in place by the FCC in 2015, but this is by no means the end of the legal thicket over... More

Net Neutrality is Officially Dead (CNET)

The Obama-era net neutrality rules, passed in 2015, are dead. As of Monday, much of the proposal regarding the Republican-led FCC's oversight of the internet goes into effect. Beca... More

FCC Chairman Defends Net Neutrality Decision (Adweek)

On Monday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai defended his decision to end net neutrality in the United States, claiming the regulation is needed to build out the ... More

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Talks 5G, Net Neutrality Repeal at MWC 2018 (Engadget)

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai today attended a panel at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. During the event, titled "The Future of the Industry: Transatlantic Digital Policy and Regulation," Pai discu... More

Net Neutrality Challenges Can Begin This Week (MCN)

It's official. Thursday, Feb. 22, will be the red letter day for court and congressional challenges to the FCC's Dec. 14 decision to roll back FCC network neutrality rules and recl... More

FCC Votes to Cut Back Net Neutrality Regulations (HMM)

As expected, the Federal Communications Commission May 18 formally began the process of reversing net neutrality provisions implemented by regulating the Internet as a utility. In ... More

Pushing the Net Neutrality Rock Back Up the Hill (Forbes)

On Thursday, the FCC will vote on a proposal to review its 2015 decision to transform Internet Service Providers into public utilities. The 2015 Order also included the most recent... More

Net Neutrality Lite? The FCC May Reduce, Not Repeal, Open Internet Order (Fast Company)

Many in the media are already writing the epitaph for net neutrality in the Trump era. And it’s true that with every new press release and statement out of the Federal Communicat... More

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Backs Network Neutrality Amid Repeal Concerns (Variety)

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos spoke out in support of the FCC’s network neutrality policy Wednesday as speculation swirls that the policy could be repealed during th... More

Net Neutrality Rules Could Be Eased Under Donald Trump, Some Say (Wall Street Journal)

Donald Trump’s presidential election victory has increased the chances that President Barack Obama’s landmark net-neutrality rules could be rolled back, some telecom investors ... More

Netflix CEO: Net Neutrality Key to AT&T, Time Warner Merger (Variety)

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings signaled that his company wasn’t outright opposing the AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference in Lagun... More

Comcast’s Netflix Deal Could Open a New Front in Net Neutrality War (WIRED)

Watching Netflix using Comcast is about to get a little easier. The longtime rivals recently confirmed that Comcast’s X1 interactive television box will offer Netflix, obviating ... More

Net Neutrality Rules Will Make Winners and Losers Out of Businesses (Harvard Business Review)

The internet is woven into the fabric of how businesses run and how we live our lives. And as this technology has grown, so have the complications with how we build, manage, and re... More

Net Neutrality Advocates Plan European Protest (HMM)

Pro-net neutrality groups plan to “slow down” the Internet across Europe June 28 as part of a grassroots public awareness program to maintain open access to the Web. “The EU ... More

Appeals Court Upholds Net Neutrality Rules (THR)

On Friday, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals denied a petition brought by telecoms challenging the FCC's recently enacted net neutrality rules. The decision was eagerly awaited for i... More

Google-Verizon: Proposal Critics Say Companies Want Loophole For ‘New Entertainment Options’

“We want the broadband infrastructure to be a platform for innovation,” the chief executives of Google and Verizon state in a joint proposal, announced yesterday, for how the U... More