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Rental Kiosks’ Role in 2011? Analysts Have Different Answers

Redbox parent Coinstar may have expected higher demand for Blu-ray discs and windowed new releases from its Redbox rental kiosks during the holidays. Nevertheless, kiosks gained in... More

Blu-ray Player Sales Up 44% During Holidays

Unit sales of Blu-ray players during the 2009 holiday season were 44% higher than in 2008, but down 5% in value, as retailers slashed player prices by 34% over the five-week period... More

Kids Still Heavily Reliant On Packaged Media For Entertainment

For every dollar that kids spend on entertainment content, 85 cents go toward physical products, with the balance going to digital media, according to new research from the NPD Gro... More

Research: Consumers Placing Greater Value In Entertainment Subscriptions

Overall monthly per-capita entertainment-content subscription spending has risen to $115 in 2009, an increase of nearly 7% since last year, according to NPD Group. As of August 20... More