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OTOY Spotlighted in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Media Companies in 2022

Media and entertainment continue to be upended by new ideas. The Los Angeles-based cloud graphics company Otoy sits at the epicenter of the NFT explosion in Hollywood and is workin... More

Maxon’s Redshift Becomes Part of OTOY Render Network

As part of the partnership, OTOY and Maxon will also be developing a native integration of Cinema 4D on the Render Network, providing a one-click solution for uploading to the Rend... More

OTOY Adds Redshift Support to the Render Network

OTOY and Maxon are thrilled to announce that Redshift will be coming to the Render Network, providing Redshift users the ability to scale GPU rendering jobs to millions of distribu... More

The OTOY Metaverse Will be Rendered With Solana (CVBJ)

Within the realm of digital assets, there are organizations that are constantly working to provide users with performance facilities with improved environments. In the case of the ... More

M&E Journal: Virtual Creative Economies: Blockchain NFTs and the Future of Digital Media

Over the past few months, blockchain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have rapidly moved from its incubation period within the community of crypto artists and developers into one of the ... More

Beeple Joins OTOY, RNDR Advisory Boards to Shape the Future of Art

Building on a trailblazing decade of close collaboration, OTOY and Beeple announced that the groundbreaking artist will be joining OTOY and RNDR's Advisory Board to help develop th... More

OTOY CEO Talks Non-Fungible Tokens With CNBC

Jules Urbach, founder and CEO of OTOY, joined CNBC’s “Closing Bell” March 22 to discuss the power and long-term viability of non-fungible tokens (NFT), the blockchain-based t... More

OTOY’s Octane X Launches on the Mac App Store

OTOY has released the new Octane X app, available for free on the Mac App Store, bringing all Octane X Enterprise standalone features to every Mac running macOS Big Sur. (more&hell... More

OTOY Launches Next Generation NVIDIA A100 GPU Nodes on Google Cloud for RNDR (MESA)

OTOY has launched the RNDR Enterprise Tier featuring next generation NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs on Google Cloud with record performance surpassing 8000 OctaneBench. (more…... More

M&E Journal: Holographic Technology: Powering the Next Consumer Revolution

By Phillip Gara, Director, Strategy and Jayson Kleinman, Communications, OTOY - Technological accelerants like the rise of 5G networking, GPU ray-tracing hardware and commercial... More

OTOY Launches Revolutionary Octane X for macOS, iOS (MESA)

OTOY unveiled Octane X — the 10th anniversary edition of OTOY's industry leading GPU renderer OctaneRender — at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference. (more…)... More

M&E Journal: A Holographic Future: Creating and Monetizing the Next Generation of Media Using Blockchain

By Kalin Stoyanchev, VP Blockchain and Distributed Systems, and Phillip Gara, Director Strategic Planning, OTOY - The M&E industry has historically been a pioneer in commerciali... More

Changing the GPU-Cloud Graphics Market Through Blockchain (Forbes)

Kalin Stoyanchev, VP of Distributed Systems/Blockchain at OTOY, noted that Blockchain is transforming the cloud-graphics industry since it provides the architecture and incentives ... More

OTOY Partners With Light Field Lab on Holodeck Display Tech (UploadVR)

Los Angeles-based rendering company OTOY is teaming up with startup Light Field Lab to build a pipeline for holographic content creation and display. The partnership between Light ... More

Otoy’s RNDR Harnesses 14,000 GPUs to Render Cloud-Based Graphics (VentureBeat)

Blockchain-based rendering platform RNDR has harnessed the graphics processing power of more than 14,000 graphics processing units (GPU) provided by individuals who contribute the ... More

OTOY’s RNDR Brings Sophisticated Graphics Rendering to Masses Via Blockchain (VentureBeat)

We all love the special effects in our favorite films, games, and animated TV shows. But it’s still a pretty complex process to create these fanciful scenes that are better than ... More