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Make a Wish: What Would You Like AI to Solve for You? (PFT Blog)

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Has Media, Entertainment Cracked the AI Code? (PFT Blog)

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Prime Focus Technologies’ AI Platform, CLEAR Vision Cloud, Now Combines Technology, Consulting (MESA)

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Prime Focus Technologies Makes a CLEAR Difference During the COVID-19 Times (MESA)

Prime Focus Technologies announced new features and advanced security enhancements of CLEAR to help customers embrace the virtual work environment during the current global COVID-... More

Prime Focus Technologies Partners With Prestige Ice Cream’s Rollick for New Brand Campaign (MESA)

Prime Focus Technologies announced that it has delivered two 30-second TV commercials, as well as creatives for their print campaigns (for use across multi-channel print communicat... More

Prime Focus Technologies Rebrands Digital Dailies Service (MESA)

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) has debuted upgrades to its DAX digital dailies service — a 16-year-old offering that PFT acquired in 2014 — and is rebranding it, making it a pa... More

Mobile Premier League, Prime Focus Technologies Partner for Content Creation (MESA)

PFT Brands, the branding arm of entertainment supply chain software specialist Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), has been tapped by India-based mobile eSports platform Mobile Premier... More

5 Media, Entertainment Tech Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 (PFT Blog)

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Redefining Promo, Sports Highlight Creation Using AI (PFT Blog)

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Post Deliverables, Made Simple and Secure (PFT Blog)

Post producers don’t have it easy. With an ever-increasing number of platforms for distribution and target languages to cater to, getting one’s content to the global market can... More