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Hollywood Home Entertainment Boom Doesn’t Even Include Possible $1B From Premium VOD (Forbes)

It’s a boom time for the home entertainment divisions of Hollywood studios, with revenues up nearly a third over two years ago, and even declining sectors enjoying revived consum... More

M&E Day: Whip Media Examines Post-COVID Future of Premium VOD

For many years now, cinema admissions have been under pressure, with only the big-budget tentpole titles — films with a budget of $100-million or more — and animations accounti... More

Exhibition Stocks Fall on Warning Studios Will Introduce Premium VOD (Deadline)

Exhibition companies can’t catch a break on Wall Street. Shares in the three major chains are getting hammered today after Morgan Stanley’s Benjamin Swinburne warned that studi... More

NATO: Exhibition Having ‘Fruitful’ Talks With Studios For Premium VOD (Deadline)

Movie theater owners’ talks with Hollywood to create a premium video on demand window for new releases have been “fruitful,” National Association of Theater Owners’ Patrick... More

AMC Entertainment CFO: Premium VOD Window Talks Hit an Impasse (THR)

Negotiations between the major studios and domestic exhibitors have hit an impasse in an attempt to create a premium VOD window for consumers, according to AMC Entertainment CFO Cr... More

NATO’s John Fithian Talks Premium VOD, Piracy (Deadline)

Asked by Deadline about whether the studios or other companies will be able to pull off Premium Video on Demand (PVOD), NATO President and CEO John Fithian said, “Going back ... More

AMC CEO ‘Intrigued’ by Premium VOD (HMM)

The concept of selling early (and more-expensive) digital access in the home to new theatrical movies — also known as premium VOD — continues to gain traction, notably at the n... More

CES 2017: NexGuard Looks to the Future of Distribution; Accenture Tackles AI

LAS VEGAS — Hollywood studios have long toyed with the idea of premium VOD — releasing new theatrical content early in the home — and some like Universal Studios have even ex... More

Innovation Guru to Keynote THE Summit

If you’re in the home entertainment business, you know constant innovation is a must to compete in this digital world. And at the June 14 Transforming Home Entertainment (THE) Su... More

Vubiquity EVP: Give Day and Date a Shot

At the May 12 Futuresource New Content Horizons event, Gabriel Berger, EVP of North America sales for Vubiquity, quickly touched on something that’s been on Hollywood’s minds f... More

‘Premium Video-on-Demand’ Slated for Second Quarter, Says Time Warner’s Bewkes

Warner Bros. could be one of the first major studios to distribute movies still in their theatrical run directly to U.S. consumers’ homes, with the company looking to offer a “... More

Studios Reportedly Forging Ahead With Premium VOD Plans: Movie Rentals Could Cost $30

Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and Walt Disney are still seeking to offer new theatrical releases for rental on cable systems’ video-on-demand platforms — with plans to charge a ... More