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Twitter Ends Programmatic Ad Program for Publishers (Media Post)

A year after Twitter introduced a programmatic advertising program for publishers, it is shutting down the pilot network. The idea was for publishers to generate revenue on their o... More

eMarketer: Programmatic is Fastest-Growing Part of Digital Display (MediaPost)

Programmatic is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. digital display advertising marketplace, and is projected to expand 26.3% to $46.55 billion, according to updated estimates ... More

Will 2020 be the Year When Programmatic Grows Up? (The Drum)

The programmatic industry has already witnessed a major shift, as mobile has come to dominate browsing habits and the lines between brand information and consumer continue to blur.... More

GDPR is Giving New Life to Programmatic Guaranteed Deals (Digiday)

Much as contextual targeting is experiencing a rebirth due to the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation, ad-buyer demand for programmatic guaranteed deals is also incre... More

Adobe: 62% of Brands Will Take Their Programmatic Media Trading In-House by 2022 (The Drum)

The majority (62%) of brands will bring their media buying in-house by 2022 according to an Adobe poll, which has also dubbed 2018 as a “watershed year” for automated media buy... More

Adobe Launches Industry’s First 100 Percent Programmatic Ad Campaign (MESA)

Adobe today announced the launch of its global “Experience Business” campaign, the largest cross-media ad campaign to be implemented solely through a programmatic platform. The... More

Amazon Grows its Programmatic Ad Business (Digiday)

Amazon is growing its ad business, most recently making two big moves that will bring it more revenue. Agency execs say Amazon is opening up and evolving self-service for Amazon Me... More

How Programmatic Will Change TV Measurement (Digiday)

As programmatic TV advertisers look for more detailed metrics than the age and gender data provided by Nielsen, vendors and cable networks have a chance to come up with their own m... More

How Accenture is Trying to Bring Programmatic Product Placement to Netflix (The Drum)

Accenture’s R&D division has spent the last year developing breakthrough product placement technology that can seamlessly insert a brand into online video, including the ability ... More

Mar Tech Is the Latest Buzzword for Brands and Agencies, but What Does It Actually Mean? (Adweek)

Not too long ago, ad tech was the darling of the digerati. But while programmatic trends like header bidding continue to gain footing, it’s marketing technology—or mar tech—t... More

Why Programmatic and Creativity Will Collide in 2017 (PerformanceIN)

Automation is becoming a ruling mantra of digital advertising. Programmatic - where automation is made possible – is growing at a steady rate, counting for over 50% of the media ... More

The Process of Making Digital Ads is Gradually Starting to Become More ‘Programmatic’ (WSJ)

Could the concept of “programmatic creative” finally be having a moment? While billions have been invested over the past decade or so in startups touting software that promises... More

Deprogramming OTT

Data-driven programmatic online advertising has been a boon to marketers looking to target specific audience segments and has allowed many content creators to monetize their output... More

Programmatic Branding – The Devil is in the Measurement (Mediatel)

It's clear that new programmatic technologies and marketplaces are providing automation that streamlines the once paper-driven, manual process of buying inventory for branding obje... More