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How the Publishing World is Muscling in on Hollywood Deals (THR)

Books and magazine articles have long provided the IP Hollywood depends on, but until recently, authors played little role in the process. Now, lit agencies and publishers are chan... More

Blockchain Impacts on Marketing, Publishing Could Be Far-Reaching (MediaPost)

Blockchain has the potential to profoundly change a broad swath of industries, but perhaps none more dynamically than marketing – and that change may already be underway. The ... More

IBM Watson Advertising: Traditional Publishing, ‘A Lot of New Data and Technology Assets’ (Beet.TV)

Video: Imagine an advertising agency that creates its own data and technology, produces video content and sells ad inventory in that content and you’ve got IBM Watson Advertising... More

Google Unveils Tools to Increase Subscriptions for Publishers (NYT)

Publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and The New York Times have long asked readers to pay for access to online articles. But many reading this article on... More

The Complexities of Converting Readers into Subscribers (Digiday)

Driving direct connections with readers has become increasingly important. For publishers with subscription models, converting those readers into subscribers — like everything in... More

Amazon Sets Up Shop in the Heart of the Publishing Industry (NYT)

Amazon is bringing its experimental, data-driven approach to physical retail to Midtown Manhattan, the heart of the publishing industry. On Thursday, Amazon will open a store — i... More

Publishers Are Rethinking Those ‘Around the Web’ Ads (NY Times)

You see them everywhere, and maybe, sometimes, you click: those rows of links under web articles, often augmented with eye-catching photos and curiosity-stoking headlines about the... More

Why Newsrooms are Expanding Their Data Teams (Digiday)

Publishers have gotten data religion. A few years ago, publishers began enlisting data scientists to help with audience building and monetization. But back in 2014, publisher data ... More

Big Data Is Coming to the Publishing Industry (DBW)

Publishers are increasingly using big data to help them sell their book rights internationally. As the ebook market has grown over the last few years, so has the amount of data ava... More

Five Factors That Are Driving the Changing Publishing Landscape (Open Text Blog)

From scrolls to print, from hardback to paperbacks, from broadsheets to tabloids, and from print to digital, the world of publishing has always been one of change. What makes the c... More

For Publishers Looking to Make Inroads into Big Data, Bundling is Key (PW)

How do Internet markets for books create value for consumers? In the late 1990s, the answer probably would have been lower prices—the result of a reduction in operating costs and... More

The Fastest-Growing Format in Publishing: Audiobooks (WSJ)

The digital revolution that flummoxed the music, movie and publishing industries has given rise to a surprising winner: the audiobook. Audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in ... More