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20 Years Ago, Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ Changed the Way Albums Were Marketed (Billboard)

At least a full decade before teasing new music snippets online became Marketing 101, the U.K. band and its label Capitol's ingenious web-heavy strategy propelled Kid A to the top ... More

Radiohead and the Fine Art of Crisis Management (Sydney Morning Herald)

Radiohead beat the hackers at their own game, essentially, making the material — sonic sketches and works in progress from their trailblazing 1997 album, OK Computer — availabl... More

Radiohead Dropped 18 Hours of Unreleased Music to Screw Pirates (Wired)

On Tuesday, Radiohead guitarist and composer Jonny Greenwood made an announcement on Twitter and Facebook: The band had been "hacked," and the perpetrator attempted a $150,000 shak... More