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Spending on Disc Rentals Rose in Q2: Rentrak

Home entertainment consumers still love their DVD and Blu-ray discs — especially when it comes to rentals. Consumer spending on disc rentals during the second quarter of 2011 to... More

Redbox To Roll Out $2 Game Rentals (Updated)

[Added comments from Redbox VP Joel Resnik beginning in fifth paragraph.] Redbox kiosks are diversifying. Beginning June 17, the company will market $2-a-day video game rentals a... More

Rental Kiosks’ Role in 2011? Analysts Have Different Answers

Redbox parent Coinstar may have expected higher demand for Blu-ray discs and windowed new releases from its Redbox rental kiosks during the holidays. Nevertheless, kiosks gained in... More

Video On Demand Gets Its Day: Studios, Cable Companies In $30M Ad Campaign

Hollywood kept the video on demand business at bay for years while consumers built their DVD libraries. Now a consortium of studios is teaming with the nation’s largest cable com... More

What’s Behind Blockbuster’s Revised Earnings Guidance?

Despite an overall-industry increase in DVD and Blu-ray rentals during 2009, Blockbuster has significantly lowered its earnings forecast for the year. The preeminent rental chain ... More

Retailer Hastings’ Response To Redbox Drives Rentals

“Our movie rental business was negatively impacted by the de-valuing of the price of a rental movie primarily as a result of the growth of rental kiosks that rent movies for a do... More