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Retailers Turn to Hybrid Cloud, AI to Meet Shifting Consumer Behaviours (Twice)

As the pandemic has transformed the nature of work with more employees working from home than ever before it has also changed how consumers shop according to new study from IBM and... More

Adobe Unveils New AI Tools for Retailers (Forbes)

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Retailers are Using These 5 Technologies to Reimagine Shopping Experiences Amid COVID-19 (Adobe Blog)

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43% of UK Shoppers Preferred Local Retailers During Lockdown (UKTN)

Just a third (32%) of British consumers ordered from an international online store since the Covid-19 outbreak – an estimated 13% drop from the 45% who said they bought internati... More

Big Data and the Future of Retail (TR)

The retail experience was undergoing a transformation even before the current pandemic forced massive changes in shopping behavior. A 2019 survey revealed that 92 percent of 1,400 ... More

How Retailers Can Connect With Digital-Only Customers (Salesforce Blog)

As consumers continue to self-isolate and go all-digital, companies have new opportunities to connect with customers and reimagine their business models. Regardless of your organiz... More

New Google Cloud Solutions for Retailers Launched (Forbes)

Google has announced the launches of a number of updated services. It is well known that Google has been focusing its cloud services on a variety of niches and industries including... More

Q&A With Akamai on the Challenges of Cybersecurity in Retail (Essential Retail)

Biggest challenges facing your retail customers: This is the sheer volume of cyberattacks. For example, retail is one of the top industries targeted by “bots”, which are compro... More

SAP, GK Software Develop Unique Retail Solutions (MESA)

SAP announced an extended partnership with international retail application specialist GK Software SE to deliver industry-specific solutions. The partnership includes the comprehen... More

3 Kinds of Talent That Retailers Need to Thrive in the Digital Era (TWA)

Digital marketing specialist - The first thing a new-age retail business needs is a digital marketing specialist — and a neat budget to help them do the job. Since customers are ... More

Google Gives Retailers a Leg Up as It Moves Further Into the Cloud (AdExchanger)

Google is doing more to help companies connect, manage, secure and analyze ever-growing amounts of data. At Google Cloud Next, the company unveiled a raft of announcements over the... More

Is 2019 the Year Retail AI Goes Mainstream? (Verdict)

Scott Clarke, Cognizant: “Consumers will have the opportunity to use their smartphones to snap an image of a product they like and be taken to a place where they can buy the prod... More

Study: Apps are Driving In-Store Sales (Twice)

Not all that long ago, during the gloom-and-doom period of brick-and-mortar retail, mobile phones were tarred as a leading harbinger of the coming storefront apocalypse. Those that... More

Online Ruled the Tech Retail Roost on Black Friday (Twice)

The results are in, and online can arguably be crowned the new king of consumer tech shopping for Black Friday weekend. Meanwhile, Cyber Monday also represented the first time that... More

Cyber Monday Broke Online Sales Record With $7.9B (Fox Business)

The 2018 edition of “Cyber Monday” will go int the books as the largest U.S. online shopping day of all time, according to data from Adobe Analytics. The record sales haul come... More

Holiday Shoppers Used Their Phones to Spend $1B This Thanksgiving (CNBC)

Shoppers weren't afraid to pull out their smartphones to shop on Thanksgiving, to the tune of $1 billion. Sales online Thanksgiving Day totaled $3.7 billion, up 28 percent from a y... More

Holiday Shopping With Your Amazon Echo? You’re a Trendsetter (CNET)

If voice becomes the next big thing in retail, it would help Amazon strengthen its lead in online shopping and allow Google to become a stronger e-commerce competitor. The situatio... More

What the Evolution of Digital Assistants Means for Retailers (Twice)

As even more consumers adopt voice-recognition technologies at home, they increasingly want their digital assistants to go mobile. If 2017 was the year of welcoming voice-enabled a... More

Retail AI Boom Ahead as 93% of Retailers Plan to Implement AI by 2020 (Verdict)

Artificial intelligence is set to become prolific in the retail in environment, with retail AI for customer personalisation set to be implemented by 93% of European retailers withi... More

Facebook Just Opened Pop-Up Retail Shops in Time for the Holidays (Fast Company)

The company announced in a blog post that it has opened pop-up retail shops in nine Macy’s department stores across the country. But the pop-ups won’t be selling Facebook’s O... More