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M&E Journal: Virtual Creative Economies: Blockchain NFTs and the Future of Digital Media

Over the past few months, blockchain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have rapidly moved from its incubation period within the community of crypto artists and developers into one of the ... More

Beeple Joins OTOY, RNDR Advisory Boards to Shape the Future of Art

Building on a trailblazing decade of close collaboration, OTOY and Beeple announced that the groundbreaking artist will be joining OTOY and RNDR's Advisory Board to help develop th... More

Changing the GPU-Cloud Graphics Market Through Blockchain (Forbes)

Kalin Stoyanchev, VP of Distributed Systems/Blockchain at OTOY, noted that Blockchain is transforming the cloud-graphics industry since it provides the architecture and incentives ... More

Otoy’s RNDR Harnesses 14,000 GPUs to Render Cloud-Based Graphics (VentureBeat)

Blockchain-based rendering platform RNDR has harnessed the graphics processing power of more than 14,000 graphics processing units (GPU) provided by individuals who contribute the ... More