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PM to Establish New National Science and Technology Council (The Engineer)

Prime minister Boris Johnson is to establish and chair a new National Science and Technology Council, aiming to accelerate science and research in the UK.... More

M&E Journal: A New Crossroad of Art and Science

As market and channel management becomes more and more complicated, there are now ways to analyze and solve some of these complexities via the convergence of the fields of rights m... More

How to Make Science Careers Work for Women (Raconteur)

Science may have a reputation for being competitive, male-dominated and focused on solo work, but Kelly Matzen’s experiences say otherwise. Here she explains how tackling these m... More

Cognizant Launches Foundation to Empower Digital Education and Skills Training Initiatives Across the U.S. (MESA)

Cognizant today launched Cognizant U.S. Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on supporting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and other technical education p... More

The Next Tech Wave: Why Businesses Use Data Science Platforms (Dataconomy)

The last major wave of big data tech investment was focused on enabling data science for organizations: building data lakes, centralizing data, and scaling support to continually i... More

Inside Dell EMC’s New Data Science Platform (Datanami)

Dell EMC today unveiled a new converged platform that combines the hardware and software data scientists need into a single package. By enabling data scientists to self-provision a... More