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Social Platforms Become ‘Marketing Engines’ as Creators Look for Direct Deals to Earn Money (Digiday)

The creator economy has spent the last few years ballooning, vacuuming up more and more ad dollars each year. But the creators, who were once beholden to mysterious social media pl... More

Social Media is Moving Toward Recommendation and Authenticity (TML)

Two unique social media trends might have far reaching consequences for marketing. ... More

Creators are Seeking Alternatives as Big Platforms Vie for Talent (Fortune)

With two billion dollars of new venture funding pouring into the creator economy in 2021 and social platforms making a $32-billion+ effort to lure creators back to their platforms,... More

Social Media Video, the Emerging Content Source

The M&E industry is back in business. It’s different, but it’s back. (more…)... More

CPS EU: How to Survive in Today’s Social Media World of Hackers

There are many steps we can all take to survive today’s social media world of hackers, according to Clint Watts, senior fellow at the Centre for Cyber and Homeland Security at Ge... More

M&E Journal: Balancing Between Fan Engagement and Piracy on Social Media

Up until now, marketing and anti-piracy groups did not need to work together lock-and-step, since company policies set the direction of how to handle user-generated content (UGC), ... More

How Algorithms Took Creativity Out of Social Media (Wired)

Human curation could help to create an online world that values quality of content over quantity of likes.... More

Trump Administration Unveils Legislation to Regulate Social Media (Next TV)

Says internet platforms should not hide behind immunity to censor legal speech.... More

TikTok Boom! How the Exploding Social Media App is Going Hollywood (THR)

The impossible-to-ignore, 2 billion strong platform is leveraging a massive sheltering-at-home audience hungry for new content to draw A-listers and turn its homegrown roster into ... More

The Next Frontier of Social Media is Here (Forbes)

In the world of serious marketing, it can be easy to distrust new social media platforms when you’re not even sure they’ll still be there in three to four months’ time. That�... More

NFL Responds to Widespread Hack That Hijacked Social Media Accounts (Variety)

The NFL, a week before Super Bowl LIV, was targeted by a hacking collective that temporarily commandeered social media accounts across Twitter and other platforms for the league an... More

Social Media Trends Translated for the C-Suite (DXC Technology Blog)

Even the dedicated social media wonk has a hard keeping up with the latest in social platforms and tools for enterprise use. Once they’re identified, the next challenge becomes e... More

Generation Hashtag is Reshaping the World (Verdict)

Generation hashtag describes a demographic of people born between 1991 and 2005. This unique group covers younger members of the millennial group, as well as older members of Gener... More

IBC 2019: Avid MediaCentral Publisher Empowers Media Companies to Monetize Content on Social Media (SSN)

Avid unveiled the new MediaCentral l Publisher powered by Wildmoka, enabling media companies to create content, add graphics and branding, and publish news and sports videos quickl... More

Should We Limit Social Media Posting to Experts? (Forbes)

One of the most consequential decisions of modern social media when it comes to the spread of digital falsehoods and foreign influence was the idea that anyone anywhere could publi... More

The Digital Displacement of Sports Fandom (VentureBeat)

According to a report, 64 percent of young sports fans find social-based coverage more engaging than TV broadcast, while 52 percent prefer to consume their sports news through soci... More

The Importance of Context and Intent In Content Moderation (Forbes)

One of the greatest complexities of modern social media content moderation that stymies attempts to automate it is that context and intent matters.... More

Marketers Must Deliver Quality Targeted Content Amid Social Media Decline (TechWire Asia)

Overall time spent on social media networks is falling, especially as Facebook, the largest of these networks, is seeing user engagement time flatline. eMarketer Principal Analyst ... More

Imagine a Facebook Without Facebook: How AI Will Soon Disrupt Social Media (Forbes)

Pondering a future in which A.I. works side by side with blockchain to disrupt the current (sometimes oppressive) economic top-down model and move it toward a more bottom-up, egali... More

Social Media Platforms Increasingly Popular With Cybercriminals (Forbes)

Because it is free, easy to use, accessible throughout much of the world, and doesn’t require identity authentication, social media offers fraudsters a way to appear legitimate, ... More