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Is Social the Killer App for VR? (CMO)

VR could be the future of communication, or an overhyped technology that will never become truly mainstream. There are a lot of contrasting opinions in the press at the moment, wit... More

Soccer is the Most Popular Sport on Instagram and It’s Not Even Close (Recode)

Instagrammers love soccer. That might be because soccer players love Instagram. Or because soccer is a global sport. Or because soccer is played year-round. But whatever the rea... More

Amazon’s Push Into Social May Set It on Collision Course with Facebook (VentureBeat)

After years of indifference toward social networks, Amazon is suddenly getting very social this year. Spark, the company’s social shopping feature introduced this week, is the cl... More

Emojis Changing the Way People and Businesses Communicate (CNBC)

As ridiculous as it sounds, Monday is celebrated as World Emoji Day. That's because July 17 is the day that appears on the iPhone emoji for "calendar." The day was picked because i... More

Twitter Has ‘Kicked Around’ the Idea of Offering a Premium Subscription Service (Recode)

Twitter has “kicked around” the idea of creating a special premium or subscription membership service, and isn’t taking that business model off the table. That’s according ... More

Why Instagram Is Becoming Facebook’s Next Facebook (NYT)

Not long ago, the Facebook-owned photo-based social network grew at a steady clip. Every nine months, without fail, Instagram added another 100 million users somewhere in the world... More

IBM Brings New Features to Enterprise Social Network (MESA)

IBM today announced it is bringing new capabilities to enterprise social networks for a simpler collaboration across the workforce and employee onboarding experience. The latest ve... More

Age of Abundance: How the Content Explosion will Invert the Media Industry (Redef)

The next evolution in the media value chain will be the rise of decentralized curation – with individual tastemakers building up mass followings and driving enormous consumption ... More

Trump Has Made the Social Media Manager Your Most Valuable Employee (Bloomberg)

In the eight years Donald Trump has had a Twitter account, he has posted more than 34,000 tweets. About a hundred of them were sent after he was sworn in as president on Jan. 20. T... More

The Trump Bump: Twitter is Getting a Second Look from Brands (Digiday)

Twitter’s woes are far from over, but President Donald Trump may have breathed new life into the flailing platform. Trump is a master the art of the headline-grabbing, logic-defy... More

Instagram is Gig-Goers’ Favorite Social App (IQ)

Instagram is American concertgoers’ social network of choice, with 83% of those active on social media at shows making use of the photo-sharing app – more than any other platfo... More

Chevy and IBM Will Rate Your Social Media ‘Positivity’ (AdAge)

Here's a reason to spread a little more sunshine on social media: Free gas. That is the reward Chevrolet recently gave to select drivers in four cities to demonstrate the auto bran... More

NBCUniversal Hopes Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Help Goose Olympics Ratings (Adweek)

NBCUniversal is already breaking ad-revenue records for the Rio Olympics, and while early ratings were significantly below those of the 2012 Summer Olympics, the gap has been clos... More

Snapchat Adds ‘Memories’ Section to Save Snap Stories for Later (Bloomberg)

Snapchat Inc., the mobile app for sending disappearing photos and videos, is rolling out a tool that will let people hold on to media they receive a bit longer. Users will now have... More

For Advertisers, Measuring an Influencer’s Influence is Still a Struggle (Digiday)

Pity the advertiser looking to hook up with an influencer on YouTube, Facebook or other platforms. The marketer might be able to see generically how big the creator’s audience is... More

The Future of Social Intelligence: Image Recognition and Analysis (MarketingLand)

Image analysis is changing the game when it comes to having complete clarity into not only how your brand is being discussed on social media, but also into the unbranded conversati... More

Analyst: Twitter M&A Is ‘Inevitable’ if Current Trends Continue (Bloomberg)

Don't expect Twitter Inc. to remain its own company for long. If the current path doesn't change, a sale is basically unavoidable, according to Suntrust Robinson Humphrey Inc. anal... More

Snapchat User Base to Surpass Twitter, Pinterest in U.S. This Year – Study (Variety)

Snapchat is on pace to grow the number of U.S. active users a blistering 27% this year, to hit 58.6 million — topping Twitter and Pinterest for the first time, according to resea... More

Social Media Finds New Role as News and Entertainment Curator (NY Times)

By the end of last week, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook would conduct “a full investigation” into accusations that editors at the company prevented news stories from conser... More

Why Arsenal FC Thinks Football can be the First Sector ‘To Monetize Social Media’ (The Drum)

When it comes to deeply engaged audiences, football fans rank highly, something that is strikingly obvious across social media, particularly come match day. It's this opportunity t... More