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The Freelance Revolution is Growing Fast in Spain (Forbes)

According to Statista, there are about 3.2 million freelancers in Spain. Individuals who are registered as “autonomo” in Spain represent about 16% of the population and it is e... More

Thinking of Moving to Spain? Here’s What You Need to Know About Developer Salaries (TNW)

The Spanish job market is booming — and so are opportunities for developers. After a turbulent 2020, official sources pointed out that the resuscitation of the services sector an... More

The Kitchen Opens its First European Media Hub in Spain (Senal News)

The Kitchen will be opening its first European media hub and the new Kitchen Spain this Friday, October 13, with an invitation-only Open House, taking place just prior to this year... More

Spain Launches AI Regulation Agency in Bid to Become Industry Leader (CoinTelegraph)

Spain became one of the first countries in the EU to establish its own task force for regulating AI on 22nd Aug., when the Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree establishing... More

Major Relaunch For Spain’s Movistar Plus+ (BTN)

Telefónica’s Movistar has enhanced its entertainment, fiction and sports television proposal by relaunching Movistar Plus+.... More

Blu Digital Group Opens Facility in Barcelona Strengthening its European Reach

Blu Digital Group announced its latest milestone in its European expansion – the inauguration of a facility in Barcelona, Spain. Nestled amidst the vibrant pulse of Rambla de Ca... More

The Kitchen Establishes Media Hub in Madrid, Helms Master Classes (Senal News)

Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales, recently helmed two important “master classes," which took place within the Masters Program at ECAM (escuela de Cine y del Audiovisual) (... More

60% of Spanish Connected Homes Watch Paid Online Content (BTN)

Almost half of Spaniards (47%) consume audiovisual content online at least once a week, and series (64.2%) overtake news (61.7%) in the ranking of most watched audiovisual content,... More

Spain Has Launched a Digital Nomad Visa (Euronews)

Spain's long-awaited digital nomad visa is finally available. The remote work visa gives non-EU nationals the chance to live and work in Spain for up to five years. Approved by par... More

ACE Takes Down Spain’s Largest Piracy Service (Advanced Television)

AtomoHD was launched in 2020 by a group of individuals, some of whom had prior convictions in Spain for intellectual property infringement and to evade justice, fled to Andorra.... More

DAZN Soars in Spain (BTN)

DAZN’s media rights strategy has fuelled continued growth and seen it become the 10th most-watched streaming video service in Spain for the first time. According to the latest Co... More

Red Bee Media on the New Spanish Audiovisual Law

Last summer, Spain passed new legislation intended to bring the previous audiovisual law up to speed with the reality of a transformed mediascape. This new law attempts to address... More

Spain’s Privacy Watchdog Says It’s Probing ChatGPT Too (TechCrunch)

Spain’s data protection authority, the AEPD, has followed Italy’s lead and announced a preliminary investigation of ChatGPT-maker OpenAI over suspected breaches of the European... More

Cellnex Selects Synamedia to Support RTVE’s Broadcasting Across Spain

Cellnex chose Synamedia because of vDCM’s proven track record as well as its ability to future-proof RTVE’s infrastructure. For the first time, Cellnex will move to a software-... More

Spain Launches Space Agency in Big Boost For Local Start-Ups (TNW)

Spain has officially launched its own national space agency, at a time when Europe looks to establish itself as a global space industry leader. Plans for the Spanish Space Agency, ... More

Spain is Hoping to Lure Global Tech Talent — but What’s Missing? (Sifted)

Are these new policies wishful thinking — or can stock options and immigration reform fight the country’s lower salaries and red tape?... More

Spain Launches a Digital Nomad Visa (TNW)

The newly-launched digital nomad visa has made the country an even more appealing option. The scheme has been in force since January, as part of the recently approved Startup Law, ... More

Red Carpet Launch for SkyShowtime in Spain (BTN)

SkyShowtime launched in Spain and Andorra on 28 February. It features new and exclusive series, originals, award-winning movies, kids and family content and a selection of iconic l... More

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa to Attract ‘High Value’ Professionals (Euronews)

A new visa will allow digital nomads to stay in Spain for up to three years, as part of a new start-up law, aimed at attracting high-value professionals to incorporate them into Sp... More

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa: Everything You Need to Know (Sifted)

Historically, Spain hasn’t been the easiest place for non-EU residents to move to. Compared with neighbouring Portugal, which has welcomed people from outside of the EU with its ... More