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Two-Fifths of U.S. Broadband Homes Have a Streaming Media Player (Rapid TV News)

New research has found that US broadband households have an average of 14.5 connected devices, with future purchase intentions still high as consumers continue to embrace entertain... More

GeoComply Consolidates its iGaming, Streaming Media, Fintech Businesses Under the GeoComply Brand

Prior to consolidation, its media and fintech businesses were managed under the GeoGuard brand. GeoGuard will continue as a product name for GeoComply’s award-winning VPN and pro... More

Streaming Plaforms are the Biggest Source of Content Discovery (Señal News)

Although pay TV and online have traditionally moved in opposite directions as the source for newly discovered favourite shows, today 68% of viewers watch their new favourite shows ... More

M&E Journal: Content May Be King, But Is Content Enough?

SAP will host the Sept. 10 webinar “Brace Yourselves for the Next Disruption in the Media Industry” By Richard Whittington, SVP M&E, SAP - The maxim that “content is k... More

PADEM Media Group: Pinpointing Evolving M&E Trends, Emerging Challenges

“Unmatched market understanding, insight and actionable strategic advice.” That’s one client’s feedback for Allan McLennan, chief executive and founder of the PADEM Medi... More

NewFronts: Tough Times May be Good for Streaming Media (Next TV)

Amid a pandemic, the streaming video companies pitching at the NewFronts see over-the-top viewing spiking and advertisers more eager than ever to shift their dollars away from trad... More

Sony NMS to Share Streaming Insights at OTT Supply Chain Event

More than half of U.S. households now are subscribing monthly to at least two of the major streaming sites around, leading some to call the SVOD market saturated. Don’t tell t... More

Who Will Power the Next Wave of Growth, Innovation in Streaming Media? (Forbes)

Investors and others with a financial interest in this space should be watching what’s going on beneath the surface: the hidden scramble for new patents, new technologies, and ne... More

AT&T CFO Touts WarnerMedia Library as Competitive Edge in Streamer Battle (THR)

As WarnerMedia gets into the race for streaming audiences alongside Netflix and Amazon Prime, John Stephens, finance chief for parent AT&T, on Wednesday touted his newly acquired s... More

Will Apple’s Swoon Impact Streaming Media? (THR)

Apple hasn't revealed its ultimate strategy for taking on Netflix and the others, but few on Wall Street doubt that Apple has something substantial up its sleeve.... More

Senate Wants Emergency Alerts to Go Out Through Netflix, Spotify, Etc. (TechCrunch)

An emergency alert goes out, trying to let you know about incoming bad news — a missile, a tsunami or something else terrifying. Your phone starts shouting… but it’s downstai... More

40% of U.S. Broadband Homes Own a Streaming Media Player (BTN)

Ownership of streaming media players has risen from about six percent of US broadband households in 2010 to almost 40% at the beginning of 2018.... More

TiVo CEO: Company’s Making Progress on Growth Initiatives

TiVo is making progress on the strategic objectives it recently laid out that are designed to “improve execution, drive growth in key market areas” and expand its capabilities ... More

M&E Journal: In the Decades from Kazaa to Kodi: Have Things Really Changed?

By Mo Ali, U.K. Business Development, Media Science International - In the late 1990s and early 2000s, file sharing had been something of a dark art, strictly for the uber-tech... More