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Why Advertising Won the Streaming Wars (Fast Company)

Netflix and other streamers have surrendered to ads—and consumers really don’t mind.... More

Streaming Wars Heat Up as VOD Consumption Per Service Drops (TV Tech)

Despite the overall growth in streaming consumption, heightened competition lowered the average VOD consumption on individual streaming services in 2021 according to a new report.... More

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Entertainment Evolution Symposium Charts Post-COVID Ways Forward

On July 21 at the inaugural, all-virtual Entertainment Evolution Symposium event, content owners, Hollywood vendors, and distributors alike will be on hand to discuss how technolo... More

How Big IP Is Driving the Streaming Wars (Variety)

As legacy media companies like Disney, WarnerMedia, ViacomCBS and Comcast have launched their own direct-to-consumer divisions, the demand for pre-existing storylines that offer re... More

Streaming Wars Casualties: Cable TV Channels on Chopping Block (THR)

As NBCUniversal turns off the lights on its sports network, expect other Hollywood giants to cull their sprawling linear offerings as they prioritize billions of dollars toward dir... More

South Korea, Japan Emerge as Key Battlegrounds in the Streaming Wars (THR)

Netflix has invested hundreds of millions to capitalise on the massive global popularity of K-drama and Japanese anime, and now HBO Max and Disney+ are entering the fray.... More

Streaming Wars Send TV News Outlets Searching for New Screens (Variety)

As more of their audiences choose streaming video to watch their favorite movies, dramas and comedies on demand, news and sports are among the few sure ways TV has to keep assembli... More

Whip Media: Streaming Firms Eyeing LATAM Over Europe First

Multinational streaming competitors are making inroads in Latin America over European markets like France and Spain, aiming for a portion of the projected 110 million potential sub... More

Why Star is Disney’s Next Big Salvo in Its Streaming War With Netflix (THR)

The family-friendly Hollywood giant bets that more adult programming will help boost subscribers — at the risk of brand confusion. ... More

The Streaming Wars are Turning Into a Game of Catch-up (The Ringer)

Peacock’s addition of the WWE and HBO’s green-lighting of another ‘Game of Thrones’ spinoff are big splashes, ones that also underscore just how far they have to go before ... More

Content Discovery Will Decide the Streaming Wars (B&C)

Winners will offer simple, intuitive and highly personalized experiences.... More

Disney+ to Reset the Streaming War in Europe Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis (Forbes)

Competitors in the video streaming service space come from any place in the ecosystem. Netflix was a mere DVD-by-mail distributor in the US until 2010, Amazon’s core business mod... More

Bob Iger Got Disney Into the Streaming Wars, so What Happens Once He’s Gone? (The Verge)

Kevin Mayer, head of Disney’s direct-to-consumer division, knows streaming better than anyone besides Iger. Disney needs to chart a smooth course as competition heats up, its glo... More

Amazon, Apple and HBO Hit Culver City to Fight the Streaming War (Bloomberg)

The streaming wars have come to Culver City. A century after the pioneers of Hollywood built their studios here, a new breed of entertainment company is transforming this Californi... More

Discovery CEO’s Prediction: There Will Only Be 2-3 Streaming War Winners

Although there’s many streaming service players today, with newcomers still entering the field, there’s going to eventually be more consolidation and very few major players wil... More

Streaming Wars Spill Into CES 2020 as Media Nabs the Spotlight (CNET)

Every year, CES draws the tech-obsessed to gawk at fancy televisions and off-the-wall gadgets. This year, though, the conference's long-running media sideshow is flooding onto the ... More

Anime is One of the Biggest Fronts in the Streaming Wars (The Verge)

Over the course of the 2010s, streaming services for anime have grown from a niche market to a mainstream one. Companies like Sony, Netflix, Amazon, and AT&T / Warner Brothers are ... More

Why the 2020 Streaming Wars Will be Won by Robots (TNW)

We’re living in a golden era of TV content, and in 2020 we will start to see new providers emerge as the preferred choice of viewers and others lagging behind. In 2019, the battl... More

What the Streaming Wars Mean for the Future of TV (Bloomberg)

If all goes as planned, by mid-2020 four of the most valuable companies on the S&P 500 will have introduced streaming services in less than a year. They’re spending billions of d... More