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Sky Studios CEO: What We’ve Learned From Week One of Post-Pandemic Production (Variety)

Gary Davey, CEO of Sky Studios, shares learnings from the first week back in production, including tips from the production team on the ground.... More

Qumulo Inks Deal with Industrial Brothers

Storage firm Qumulo has inked a deal with Toronto-based Industrial Brothers, with the digital studio using Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage solution to handle its growing busin... More

Hollywood Studios Could Launch $30 Movie Rental Service Early Next Year (THR)

If Hollywood studios get their wish, a new premium video-on-demand service could finally be introduced in the first two months of 2018. One likely scenario: Consumers would pay $30... More

Analyst Predicts Major Film Studios Will Offer Premium VOD by Early 2018 (Screen Daily)

The pace of negotiations between studios and exhibitors will force studios to usher in their own premium video on demand (VOD) platforms as early as the end of this year, an analys... More

The New Power of ‘Yes’: Who Actually Has Greenlight Authority at the Movie Studios (THR)

Seventeen years after New Line Cinema founder Robert Shaye committed a then-massive $300 million to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the days of such autonomy largely are over. Green... More

Why Don’t Movie Studios Produce Their Own Podcasts? Blame Paris Hilton (Maybe) (Adweek)

When I saw Adweek was taking a look at how marketers and advertisers in various industries are using audio as part of the mix, I thought, "Great! There's plenty to talk about there... More