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5 Reasons Subtitles Can Differ from Audio (BTI Studios Blog)

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M&E Journal: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Language

By Robert Holmstrom, Chief Technology Officer, BTI Studios - A number of recent trends are strongly influencing how we consume TV and films. In turn our response is influencing ... More

ZOO Digital Reaches 200 Million Subtitles for TV, Movie Studios (MESA)

ZOO Digital has delivered over 200 million subtitles for the biggest names in the global TV and movie business. The company provides foreign language subtitling, captioning and dub... More

ZOO Digital Passes 150 Million Subtitle Mark

ZOO Digital announced Jan. 24 that it’s delivery of multilingual subtitles for those in the TV and movie business has hit the 150 million mark, a major milestone for the company�... More