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Supreme Court Rules Against Apple in App Store Antitrust Case (CNBC)

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled 5-4 against Apple, saying iPhone users can pursue their antitrust lawsuit involving the tech giant’s signature electronic marketplace, the App S... More

How Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Could Influence Digital Privacy (WaPo)

The door is wide open for President Trump to influence the Supreme Court’s approach to privacy in the digital age as he chooses a replacement for retiring Justice Anthony M. Kenn... More

Supreme Court Turns Down ‘Dancing Baby’ Copyright Case (THR)

It took a while, but the U.S. Supreme Court has finally decided that it won't review Stephanie Lenz v. Universal Music Corp, a case examining the circumstances by which copyright h... More

Supreme Court Ruling Could End Texas Patent Troll Problem (Fortune)

The Supreme Court on Monday delivered a major blow to so-called patent trolls—shell companies whose business revolves around acquiring patents and then suing others for infringin... More

U.S. Supreme Court Wants Government’s Take on Copyright Takedown Case (THR)

The U.S. Supreme Court wants to hear more about the legal issues underpinning a dispute over a takedown notice sent to a mother who posted a 29-second video clip on YouTube of her ... More

Supreme Court Strikes Down Violent-Videogame Law; Justices Approve of Industry’s Own Rating Efforts

The U.S. Supreme Court handed entertainment retailers a victory today, with seven of its nine Justices striking down a California law that would have prohibited the sale or rental ... More

Luxury Watch Case On Supreme Court Docket May Have ‘First Sale’ Implications

In its upcoming term this fall, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that could bring changes to the entertainment industry’s longstanding “first sale” precedents — even... More