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The Netflix and Spotify Tax: States are Making Streaming Services More Expensive (CNBC)

Your monthly bill for Netflix and Spotify may be going up. States are trying to capitalize on Americans’ growing fervor for digital consumption of movies, TV, music and other med... More

Canada Wants Streamers to Start Paying More Taxes (THR)

Are the streaming giants enjoying a free ride in Canada? That's been an increasingly vocal complaint from content creators and regional governments north of the border as Netflix a... More

The Problem With France’s Plan to Tax Digital Companies (HBR)

France recently approved a 3% tax on revenues generated by large digital companies in its territory, a move that is now being investigated as a potentially unfair trade practice by... More

Netflix Exempted From Proposed Georgia Downloads Tax (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Your Netflix and other streaming video services are safe from state taxes, at least for now. Georgia lawmakers have removed an unpopular proposal to impose sales taxes on streaming... More

Georgia Wants to Add a Tax on Netflix, Music Streaming (Fortune)

The cost to Netflix and chill, or add a new dance to your Fortnite moves, could be going up if you live in Georgia. Legislators in the Peach State are considering a new 4% tax on d... More

Online Retailers Can Be Forced to Collect Tax, High Court Rules (Bloomberg)

The U.S. Supreme Court freed states and local governments to start collecting billions of dollars in sales taxes from internet retailers that don’t currently charge tax to their ... More

Chicago’s ‘Cloud Tax’ on Streaming Services Survives Legal Challenge (Forbes)

Chicago raised eyebrows when the city announced a streaming tax on Netflix and similar internet services, the first of its kind in the country. The so-called “cloud tax” was a ... More

Italian Budget Commission Approves Web Tax on Digital Services (Reuters)

The budget commission of Italy’s lower house approved on Tuesday a measure obliging companies to pay a 3 percent levy on some internet transactions in a move aimed at bypassing E... More

Canadian Streamers See U.S. Rivals Avoiding Sales Tax as Threat (THR)

As Canada rolls out a new digital strategy, the government has decided against imposing a sales tax on U.S. streaming video and digital services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTun... More

Illinois Pitches Sales Tax for Netflix, Spotify, other Streaming Services (Illinois Policy)

Following efforts to raise the income tax and impose taxes on payroll, services, sugary drinks and more, some Illinois state senators now want to tax internet streaming. An amendme... More

Spain Readies Digital Copyright Tax for Streaming (Rapid TV News)

The Spanish Government is preparing a new digital copyright law to tax legal streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO España. The so-called Canon Digital la... More

Internal Document Raises Possibility of ‘Netflix Tax’ in Canada (CBC)

The Liberal government is reviewing whether to enforce a so-called Netflix tax on the digital services Canadians buy from foreign-based firms over the internet. A high-profile exam... More

You Could Soon Have to Pay Streaming Video Sales Tax (CIO)

A tax on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming-video services may be coming soon to your city or state. As jurisdictions lose the sales-tax money they once received from DVD rentals, t... More

‘Netflix Tax’ Causes Stir in California Cities (The Drum)

At least a dozen cities in the Bay Area alone are weighing whether or not to adopt a streaming video tax to make up for lost revenue of those who no longer subscribe to cable, acco... More

Cities Considering Taxes on Video Streaming Services (SiliconValley)

For television viewers who “cut the cord” and moved over to streaming video services, the cable companies aren’t the only ones missing your money. Turns out your hometown mig... More

U.S. Film Tax Incentives: Something to Bank On? (Screen Daily)

From a global perspective, the US came late to the tax incentives game. But by the end of the 2000s, more than 45 of the nation’s 50 individual states — from tiny Maine in the ... More

Russia Drops Proposal for Tax on Hollywood, Foreign Films Amid Opposition From Exhibitors (Hollywood Reporter)

An initiative aimed at taxing Hollywood and foreign films in Russia in a bid to raise more funding for homegrown movies has failed amid opposition from exhibitors. "The [film exhib... More

Pasadena Officials Back Away, Slightly, from ‘Netflix Tax’ (FierceCable)

The city of Pasadena’s decision that it will impose a 9.4 percent tax on SVOD services like Netflix and Hulu caught some of its council members off guard, and has some wondering ... More

European Union Mulls 20% Content Quota for Netflix and Amazon Prime (Variety)

The European Commission, the European Union’s executive arm, is mulling moves to impose a 20% European content quota on video streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It al... More