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The Beatles’ Final Song is Now Streaming Thanks to AI (The Verge)

Machine learning helped Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr turn an old John Lennon demo into what’s likely the band’s last collaborative effort.... More

Peter Jackson’s Beatles Documentary Uses AI to Reveal Hidden Studio Conversations Between the Band (MusicTech)

Private conversations between the Beatles play a big role in Peter Jackson’s Get Back, a documentary which explores the relationship between the musicians as their final studio e... More

Dolby Atmos Featured in The Beatles’ Immersive Sgt. Pepper Experience Launched in Liverpool (Music Week)

Tate Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool have partnered with The Beatles and Dolby Laboratories to launch a unique "experiential" presentation of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts ... More

Mysteries About Beatles Songs Solved with Help from Data Analysis (Forbes)

Two Beatles enthusiasts collaborated to develop an algorithm to determine which Beatle wrote the music for "In My Life" and other hits. The team applied stylometry - a statistical ... More

iTunes Finally ‘Compleat’

As it turns out, Apple didn’t have much of a surprise in store for those who closely watch the digital space — but it’s good news nevertheless. At long last, the Beatles hav... More