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Cinemark, Regal Don’t Want to Shorten Theatrical Window (CNBC)

The CEO of Cinemark, the third-largest cinema chain in the U.S., is willing to have conversations with studios about modifying the theatrical release window, but isn’t keen on th... More

Will Skipped Theatrical Window be the New Norm for Indie Filmmakers?

By Jim Riley, Chief Revenue Officer, Bitmax - The pandemic and the resulting lockdowns are changing the world before our eyes. This is apparent in so many facets of our lives, i... More

CBS Chief Les Moonves: ‘Theatrical Business is Going to Have to Change its Model’ (The Wrap)

The Milken Global Conference drew luminaries from George W. Bush to Joe Biden to several members of Donald Trump’s cabinet, but Los Angeles is still a company town, and there wer... More

J.J. Abrams Says Closing the Theatrical Window is ‘Inevitable’ (Variety)

J.J. Abrams loves movies, and he can make a passionate case for seeing them in the theater. But he does not love watching them at a particular theater in his wife’s hometown in M... More

Studios, Theaters Reignite Talks for 17-Day Theatrical Window (THR)

Don’t get rid of those window coverings just yet. There might be a glimmer of hope for film studios aiming to narrow the theatrical window for consumers willing to pay as much as... More