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Facebook Messenger Will Suggest Fandango Movie Tickets Based on Chats (Variety)

If you’re talking about going to see a movie with your friends on Facebook Messenger, you may soon see a new option pop up from Fandango — offering info and ticketing right wit... More

This Movie-Ticket Start-Up Says it Can Fill Empty Theaters Across the Country (LA Times)

The movie industry faces a persistent problem that even the biggest blockbusters can’t solve – empty auditoriums at theaters across the country. Some 5.5 billion seats go empty... More

Apple and Fandango Will Soon Let You Buy Movie Tickets in Mobile Chat (The Wrap)

Have you ever been chatting online with a friend — or group of friends — deciding which movie you all are going to watch that weekend? Well, Fandango and Apple have teamed up t... More

Twitter Ads and Tweets Help Sell Movie Tickets, Claims Twitter (Variety)

Twitter has been a boon for Hollywood — if we believe a Twitter-commissioned study by MarketShare on tweets and ticket sales, that is. According to that study, Twitter helped to ... More