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XL8’s Research Paper Accepted at EMNLP 2023 to Enhance Real-Time Translation Performance

XL8 has made a significant contribution to the field of natural language processing by submitting a noteworthy paper to the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language... More

What Does Translation Mean? From Free Translation Engines to Language Service Providers (A TransPerfect World)

For some, starting the translating process looks like launching the Google app on their mobile device, typing the words in their native language on the left, and waiting for it to ... More

TransPerfect, Translation Community Achieve Victory in Fight to Save Thousands of Translators From California’s AB5 Legislation

TransPerfect announced a significant legislative victory for freelance language professionals as a result of a broad advocacy and lobbying effort to protect the jobs and rights of ... More

Digital Nirvana Details Benefits of Trance Captioning Solution

Automatic transcriptions, localization translations, captioning converting, the ability to assess the actual quality of captions automatically, conformed to the style guides of var... More