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UK TV and Film Industry Needs 21,000 Additional Crew to Meet Demand (TVB)

As the sector continues to boom, with new studios or studio extensions being announced on an almost monthly basis, ScreenSkills suggests production spend on film and HETV is likely... More

Report: UK Film, TV Industry Has Taken a £2.6bn Hit During Pandemic (Screen Daily)

The £2.6bn figure is part of an estimated £12bn loss felt by the creative industries as a whole, £4.1bn of which came through the music, performing and visual arts sector. Film,... More

Global Spending Drives UK Production to Record Revenues of $4.2B (TBI Vision)

UK television production revenues hit a record high of £3.3bn ($4.2bn) during 2019 driven largely by international commissions which showed huge growth over the past year, accordi... More

COVID-19 Transforms UK TV Choices (Rapid TV News)

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a deep, widespread and likely permanent shift to consuming services online, in particular how the UK public wants to watch entertainment, with i... More