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Hammerspace: Data Beyond Storage

Los Altos, Calif.-based Hammerspace has a simple mission: allow for the delivery of unstructured data across the hybrid cloud, without that data tied to storage. By removing the li... More

AWS’s Ian Massingham on Unstructured Data, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity (CBR)

"While there is no denying that it is a huge opportunity for businesses across the globe, the flood of unstructured data also represents an evolving and ever greater challenge, esp... More

Don’t Overlook Your Data Blind Spots: 5 Tips for Protecting Unstructured Data (SecurityIntelligence)

We all know that data is the most valuable intangible asset for a digital business. As data continues to grow in volume, variety and velocity, organizations are forced to take a fr... More

M&E Journal: How AI Will Help Build Better Metadata

By Ben Bendre and Noah Beltran, IBM - In the world of M&E, it seems the formula for success is always shifting. It is no longer enough to develop content for eyeballs. The cons... More

Veritone: Combining Apps with Cognitive Computing to Transform Unstructured Data

Costa Mesa, Calif.—based Veritone may only be a few years old but it’s already garnered some of the biggest names in the business, coming to it for its proprietary platform, on... More

Teradata, Ditto Labs Partner on AI Vision-as-a-Service (MESA)

You’ve heard of SaaS, PaaS, maybe even IaaS and ITaaS. But what about VaaS? Analytics solutions firm Teradata has partnered with machine-learning company Ditto Labs to incorporat... More