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How Verizon 5G and the NFL are Reinventing Mobile Gaming (Personal Tech)

As the football season marches toward one final showdown, an equally fierce competition has been raging away from the gridiron. Part of a two-year innovation partnership, Verizon a... More

Verizon 5G Goes Live in Parts of Miami, Five Other Cities (Engadget)

Combined with a rollout to Memphis on December 19th, this launch gives Verizon 28 cities with at least a basic level of 5G, and just two more cities left before it reaches its targ... More

Verizon, Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB Explore 5G Future of Entertainment at ‘Star Wars’ Premiere (MESA)

Verizon, The Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB, and ILMxLAB teamed up to explore how 5G can transform live entertainment experiences and capture moments built on 5G for the broadcast p... More