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DEG at CES: Blu-ray, Digital Distribution Bolstered Home Entertainment in 2010

Blu-ray software sales rose by 68% in 2010, helping to offset slackening demand for DVDs in the home entertainment market, according to year-end figures released by DEG: The Digita... More

Implications of Reported HDCP Encryption Crack

Reports of a “master key” leak for the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection protocol — a key anti-copying technology for Blu-ray disc publishers and consumer electronics... More

Analysts Differ On Whether Disney Is Next To Embrace 28-Day Windows

A reordering of home entertainment release windows seems to be a foregone conclusion for BTIG Research analyst Richard Greenfield. The analyst has long urged studios to adopt a seq... More

Video On Demand Gets Its Day: Studios, Cable Companies In $30M Ad Campaign

Hollywood kept the video on demand business at bay for years while consumers built their DVD libraries. Now a consortium of studios is teaming with the nation’s largest cable com... More

Wal-Mart And Vudu: Movie Streaming Service Ranks High In Studios’ New Distribution Heirarchy

Wal-Mart is getting back into the digital entertainment distribution business with its planned acquisition of the Vudu movie download and streaming service. The deal, which is expe... More