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VOD, Linear TV Viewing Increased in 2023 for First Time in Two Years (TV Tech)

The amount of time the average user spends watching content per day increased globally in 2023 by 12% for VoD and 4% for Linear TV content. This pivot might signal an increase in c... More

VOD Daily User Engagement Grows by 12% (BTN)

Daily user engagement for VOD and Linear TV, grew by 4% and 3% respectively. The amount of time the average user spends watching content per day increased globally in 2023 by 12% f... More

France: VOD Consumption Growing (Advanced Television)

In 2023, French VOD consumption made up a third (33 per cent) of overall video viewing, a rise of seven points over four years.... More

32% of All Works Found in VOD Catalogues are of European Origin (Senal News)

European works (films and TV seasons) made up 32% of all works found in VOD catalogues with EU27 works representing 21% of all works, and other European works 11%, according to the... More

Daily User Engagement Per VOD Service Kept Dropping Amid Market Saturation (Señal News)

The total number of VOD plays continued growing globally in 2022, yet the time that users spend daily on each service took another hit as the streaming market became increasingly s... More

BB Media Offers Deep Dive Into VOD Trends at a Global Scale

At the recent When East Meets West 23 in Trieste, Italy — an event focused on exploring all co-production and distribution opportunities in both the Eastern and Western regions �... More

Hybrid AVOD-SVOD to Drive Major VOD Platforms (RTN)

Showing that there is still plenty of growth left in a market in which many have said a plateau has been reached, global SVOD subscriptions are set to increase by 428 million betwe... More

iTunes is Transaction VOD With Highest Number of French Titles

A recent analysis from BB Media, focused on content availability across 1,306 covered streaming platforms of the European region, with a special focus on French content, found that... More

BeBanjo: Scaling up VOD Operations; Systems, Processes for High Efficiency

This white paper explores the key challenges faced by ops teams in VOD businesses with high growth ambitions and offers some pointers to overcome them. Your Video on Demand (VOD... More

Big Screen Dominates Streaming But VOD Challenges Lie Ahead (RTN)

In the whirl of a fast-changing video industry, a number of key trends and behaviours are redefining the viewing landscape with global media brands pursuing ‘monolithic self-suff... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations: Rolling Things Out – It’s All About People… (BeBanjo Blog)

When it comes to rolling out any major changes in the workplace, you should aim for a gradual roll-out of integrations and automations – no-one likes a high-risk big bang approac... More

Forecast: Western Europe VOD Revenue Growth to Slow (Advanced Television)

The VoD market, which exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic, is increasingly showing signs of maturity, from the stabilisation of subscriber numbers to the growth of the churn rate... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations: What Do Good Products Look Like? Bespoke Vs. Best of Breed? (BeBanjo Blog)

If your business needs are totally unique in the world, then in-house development might be the only option available to you. But whilst we all like to think that we work for an exc... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations: Mapping Workflows (BeBanjo Blog)

When mapping workflows, we find that legacy content ops processes are often organized around weekly or monthly cycles. Activities are arranged in a sequential order: plan, acquire ... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations: In-House Systems Development (BeBanjo Blog)

Media companies often have significant internal technology capabilities, so in-house development of a bespoke software solution is often seen as a way out of Excel hell. The assump... More

EST, VOD Drive U.S. Home Entertainment Spending to $8.7B in Q122 (RTN)

Even as they sought out-of-home experiences after almost two years of limited activity in response to Covid-19, US consumers still spent increasing sums on home entertainment, 11% ... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations (BeBanjo Blog)

Over the last 12 years, the VoD market has enjoyed significant and consistent growth, driven by widespread take-up of connected devices and – in the last couple of years – by s... More

Most European Content in VOD Catalogues is Non-National (BTN)

The UK is by far the largest exporter of European content found on VOD services, according to a new report.... More

Streaming Wars Heat Up as VOD Consumption Per Service Drops (TV Tech)

Despite the overall growth in streaming consumption, heightened competition lowered the average VOD consumption on individual streaming services in 2021 according to a new report.... More

M&E Journal: Disrupting Piracy

Once upon a time, commercial VOD content was distributed via physical media: video cassette, LaserDisc, DVDs, and ultimately Blu-ray. Every town had its share of video rental store... More