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Akamai Accelerates Development of Solution to Protect Websites With Planned Acquisition of ChameleonX (CDSA)

Akamai announced that the company has entered into an agreement to acquire ChameleonX, an Israel-based company with a unique solution to protect websites from an increasingly publi... More

M&E Journal: Security is a Necessary Cost of Doing Business. Fact or Fiction?

By Chris Johnson, CEO and President, and Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Advisor, Convergent Risks - Until recently, responses to security recommendations requiring budget have included r... More

Why Website Maintenance is Essential for Small Businesses’ Cybersecurity (ITProPortal)

Investing time in ongoing website maintenance is a key way to ensure that your small business website is as protected as it can be against cyber-security threats.... More

How Hackers Talk Their Way Into Getting Company Secrets (WSJ)

Often it begins with an innocuous-seeming email from an internet domain that closely resembles the victim’s. The message may appear to come from the company’s chief executive o... More

Five Computer Security Questions You Must be Able to Answer Right Now (ZDNet)

Getting senior managers to take computer security seriously is a struggle within many organisations, despite the frequency of high-profile data breaches and hacking incidents. Now ... More

Active Third-Party Content the Bane of Web Security (Dark Reading)

It isn't just seedy websites putting browsers at risk anymore: A new report out today shows how the state of the Web today has been rocked by the increasingly toxic combination of ... More

What Comes After Passwords? (WSJ)

What will life after passwords look like? For many companies, the goal is for the authentication of customer and employee identities to be nearly invisible, taking only a second as... More

6 Steps for Applying Data Science to Security (Dark Reading)

Security practitioners are being told that they have to get smarter about how they use data. The problem is that many data scientists are lost in their world of math and algorithms... More

How Safe are Social Media Platforms? (Internet Security Central)

Just how safe are social media platforms? Social networking companies are known to spend millions of dollars to keep their users protected from hackers on the internet. With ove... More